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Bret Blevins new website by Prescott Website Designer, RLC Design

Bret Blevins’ new website

Bret Blevins is a very well known name in the comic industry.  Brett’s work has been seen in Marvel Comics, DC Comics, works for Disney, and more.  From the comic pages to story boarding, and finally to some incredible fine art pieces as well, Bret is one of the living legends of graphic story telling.  He’s got a following around the globe, but until we sat down with him, he had no way to really communicate to the rest of the world.

A New Approach

Bret’s old website was antiquated and couldn’t be found.  This is often the case with artists.  Amazing works, terrible websites.  RLC Design sat down with Bret and listed out how he could reach his community of fans through a new mobile friendly website, a simple E-Commerce Solution, and tying his site together with several social media outlets.  The same day we deployed Bret’s new E-Commerce solution he began selling commission pieces from fans across the USA (15 minutes after the E-Commerce was launched to be exact).

I’d gotten so used to seeing bad websites over the years, I didn’t know what to expect from my new one. This? This is a great website!Bret Blevins
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The Art Store website, by Prescott Website Designer, RLC Design Services

The Prescott Art Store’s new website

The Art Store’s website had been around for a while.  The owner kept up with the website design for years using Dreamweaver, but with all the changes in tech it was time for a big change.

Welcome to the 21st century

The old Art Store website wasn’t mobile friendly.  Links went off to nowhere.  Navigation had become too complex.  And there were features the owner wanted that just weren’t too easy.  After sitting down with the owner we devised a plan to create a mobile friendly and easy to use site.  We also added some extra features like class bookings for art students, a new SEO strategy, and tying site updates to all the social media outlets the Art Store was using.  We created a streamlined workflow for the owner to continue updating on multiple locations through his website alone!

Students can sign up for classes right on the site? And they can pay for them too? All of the classes are listed on an interactive calendar? Okay, let’s do this!Keith Kendall
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Prescott Website Designer, RLC Design Services

So busy now the owner turns guests away during the busy season

La Mesa RV Park, in Cortez Colorado, was a sleepy little park on the edge of town.  Close to Mesa Verde National Park, and to Hovenweep National Monument, the park was still struggling to remain full.  The owner knew that many of her guests found out about the park on the Internet, but the old site looked dated and wasn’t mobile friendly at all.

A strategy to fill the park

RLC Design Services spent a few weeks at La Mesa RV Park.  We devised a strategy to improve SEO and get the park near the top of Google Page 1.  There are many other parks in the area, including a KOA (a company with a full time web team), so reaching customers first was a priority.  Additionally RLC Design updated the new website design with professional images of the park, showing off the latest improvements made for guests.  This was our first RV Park client at the end of 2013, and their 2014 -2015 seasons they’ve been fully booked.

We were full for the 2014 and 2015 Seasons! Most of my customers have told me they learned about us through our website. I always ask them when they register. I feel bad turning guests away, but we’ve just been that busy since the website was updatedShiree - Owner of La Mesa RV Park
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Queen Valley RV Resort, re-designed by Prescott Website Designer RLC Design Services

Queen Valley RV Resort, part of the McGavin Holdings chain of resorts

Spring of 2015 we accidentally met the comptroller for Sundance 1 RV Resort at an Airstream Rally.  You never know where you’ll meet clients.  As it turned out, she oversaw the finances for 7 properties owned by McGavin, and they were looking to update their website presence.  RV Resorts and 55+ Communities.

Moving from outdated to modern

RLC Design Services ended up working with McGavin Holdings on 6 of their 7 properties.  The 7th property never had a website and was a mobile home park, so they decided to let it stay for the time being.  We designed a new SEO strategy, and developed interactive websites that were not only mobile, but also very easy to use for their RV’ing guests.  The new online events calendars were a big hit across the board, saving the properties thousands of dollars per year on calendar printing costs alone!

I know you just left the resort today, but I wanted to tell you that I had a guest call for a multi-month reservation this morning. She told me the new website sold her on all of our upgrades and changes. So the website is already paying for itself.Sally - Queen Valley RV Resort Manager
Visit Queen Valley and the other McGavin Resorts
Prescott base aeronautical school website design, by RLC Design Services

A clean, mobile friendly, SEO website for North-Aire Aviation

North-Aire Aviation trains pilots!  Located in Prescott Arizona, North-Aire competes with several other flight training schools.  Their website was fairly outdated, links failed, and they wanted to reach the latest generation of would be aviators.  So they called on RLC Design.

Up, Up, and Away

North-Aire had many interesting needs.  They wanted a mobile friendly, SEO website that would reach globally and draw in students from around the world.  They wanted to be able to leverage social media to reach further as well.  And they wanted their website to have a private section for current students and instructors to interact with each other outside of the class room and cockpit.  This was a longer project where RLC Design spent over a month working through all of the features and challenges that North-Aire had.

After talking with over a half dozen website design groups, I knew you were the right fit. Clean designs, programming and database background, and you had answers to all of my questions, not just some of them!Greg R - President of North-Aire Aviation
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