Web Development Process

You’re not getting a canned clone of our last client’s site

Web Development from RLC Design

Every Client Is Unique

Before we set pixels to paper, we get to know your business.  What is it you’re trying to achieve with your website, who are you trying to reach, and what do you want them to do once they’ve found you?  Understanding what your business goals are helps us to design a truly unique site for you, and a unique experience for your customers.  In our web development process, we strive to provide you with something beyond a cookie cutter website.


Once we’ve gotten to understand your online business needs we’ll sit down with you to discuss what we’ve found.  We’ll present our recommendations on how we see your website’s design  needs being fulfilled, and we’ll be looking to hear from you as well.

We’ll discuss your SEO strategy, and how to help you reach your target audience.  We’ll also be focused on creating a site that’s easy to use for all of your potential visitors.  And be prepared to hear some recommendations on the user experience you might not expect.  In the end, your online presence is about your customer’s experience, and often that gets forgotten in the development process.  It’s not something we’ll ever forget.

Finally, we also identify your “Imaging” needs.  Websites are extremely visual experiences.  Stock photography doesn’t sell your business, it sells something generic.  That’s why we include professional imaging with the sites we do.  Your products, your facilities, your business.  That’s what we want your site to represent.

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Laptop Web Development

Design Framework

Once we’ve identified your online business needs and made our recommendations, we’ll proceed on developing the framwork for your new online presence.  It’s at this moment when you’ll start seeing updates to your existing site, and the start of your brand new site.  This is the time when most clients will say, “But I don’t like that font….,” and we remind them not to fixate on appearance quite yet.  We’re still in the developing process, and we’ll be able to update all those minor items together once the structure is in place.

During the design framework phase of our web development process we’ll also be setting up automated security and backup processes for your new website.  Where many developers neglect issues of security, we make sure your site is well protected.  It’s part of our DNA when it comes to network projects of any kind.

Mobile Website Development

While developing the overall framework for your website, we also focus on the mobile website experience as well.  Some things translate well between desktop website viewing and mobile, others do not.  With the ever growing focus being on mobile friendly websites, we strive to ensure that whatever platform your visitors are using, they’re getting the best experience possible.

Mobile Web Development from RLC Design
iPad Web Development

Site Handoff

When we’ve completed our web development process, we have a very unique “handoff” to our clients.  The final part of our development work is spent directly with you, our client, finishing out the fine tuning of your site.  And while we’re finishing off the aesthetics, you’re right there with us “learning how!”

RLC Design believes that our clients deserve to know how things work in the background.  We encourage our clients to become hands on with their websites.  Creating new blog posts, updating site pages, and maybe tweaking the layout now and then.  We provide full training to your business staff members, and we go one step further.  When we’ve completed work, we provide our clients with a full set of tutorials on site usage to refer to.

This doesn’t mean we ride off into the sunset never to be seen again.  We look to empower our clients, but we also have your back.  If you need ongoing maintenance, don’t have the time to do your own updates, or any other items that crop up, we are a phone call away.

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