Web Development Specialties

Web Development specialties

One of our specialties has to be businesses in the Arts.

No business can cover all of the bases.  If that was the case, Amazon would have taken over the world by now.  Instead, every business out there has their own unique niche’.  RLC Design is great at effective website development for small businesses.  Of course, we have a few web development specialties ourselves.

RV Park Website Development, Web Designs for the Arts, and Destination Location Website design are a few items that we don’t just excel at…..we totally own it!  Because of our background in mobile communication, our work in professional photography, our travel savvy, and our work in the Arts community, we’re more than well equipped working with clients in these industries!

Below we explain why we’re the best choice for businesses in these fields.  Keep in mind, we work with all businesses that meet our standards, but in these particular industries we’ve got a head start because we know them so well.  And don’t forget to check out our website development process before you make your decisions about working with us.

RV Park Website Design

In addition to our experiences in wireless network design, website development, & professional photography, we’re also full time RV’ers. Since 2006 we’ve been on the road criss-crossing the country. We’ve stayed in large corporate parks, small mom & pop parks, boondocking across the nation….. And we know what the RV crowd is looking for in a park!

Our business was born out of our own frustration at finding good parks in new places as we traveled. Many locations have no web presence. Others have outdated sites that don’t work on today’s devices. Many parks we’ve come across have downright terrible RV Park Website designs…..And you can be sure, RV’ers and travelers in general carry a lot of tech gear today, and they’re searching for your business with the tech gear they bring along.

So after one too many frustrating experiences trying to find a good overnight location while traveling, we decided to bring our talent and expertise to parks and vacation destinations across the country.  We don’t just do RV Park Website design, but we sure know a lot about it.  If your park isn’t reaching everyone it can be reaching, get in touch.

Jodi LeDoyt

Jodi, part of the RLC Design team

Prescott Web Development - Rich Charpentier

Rich, part of the RLC Design website development team

Artist website design from Prescott Website Developer RLC Design

The Frame and I. Frame Shop and Art Gallery

Custom website images

Photography from RLC Design

The Arts

From 2008 through 2012, RLC Design Founder Rich Charpentier was partner in an Art Gallery in Prescott Arizona.  Producing fine art photography, creating fine art reproductions for clients nation wide, and representing some amazing artists from Arizona, Rich developed an affinity for working with the Arts Community.  And you know what his number one takeaway was?

These guys are talented, but their websites don’t reflect that at all!Rich Charpentier

Artists are artists.  They know their medium.  And when it comes to the tech side and getting the word out about their works it’s normally a fail.  Fortunately we can help with that!

RLC Design combines our knowledge of mobile technology and our artistic side to create meaningful websites that really promote artists, and businesses involved in the Art industry.  Looking through our portfolio of clients you’ll notice pretty quickly, we’ve got a lot going on with the arts community!  Frame shops, art supplies, galleries, and artist websites.  Heck, we’ve even got a globally known cartoonist as one of our clients!

Destination Locations

Our knowledge about travel locations comes directly from full time RV’ing for 9 years now.  It ties in with our RV Park Website Design specialty, but it goes further than just RV locations.

Destination locations are places people travel to visit.  Businesses in destination communities need to reach out to the visitors hitting their areas.  And visitors are using mobile devices to find services when they visit your area.

We’ve worked with B&B’s, RV Parks, Hostels, and Non-Profits at destination locations across the U.S.  But we’re available for so much more.  It’s our own insights that bring value to businesses located at destination locations.  Why?  Because when we visit them we’re always looking for services, and we’re always using the latest mobile technology to find them.  If you’re business is located in a destination town or getaway area, are you doing everything you can to reach out to your tourist population?


Destination location website design

A Westy camped at Chiricahua National Monument

Destination location website design by RLC Design

White Sands sees thousands upon thousands of tourists every year. Is your business reaching them?