More About RLC Design Services

Boondocking in an AirstreamRLC Design Services was founded by Rich Charpentier. Rich’s experience in wireless telecommunications services, website development since the first HTML browser, and specialty commercial photography services, offers a unique combination of skill sets for businesses wanting to utilize today’s tools to reach and track their client base.

RLC Design Services was created to fill a very specific need. Our goal is to bring responsive website design to small to mid-sized companies looking to stand out from all of the background noise that is the Internet.  Our goals are simple.  Get your business found, and offer your potential clients an enjoyable online experience!  RLC Design helps clients reach a broader market, and we work with you to develop an online strategy that becomes part of your business.

Our Project Management Team

Custom website design from Rich Charpentier, Prescott ArizonaRich Charpentier

Spending the mid-90’s through 2005 on national network engineering projects, Rich has worked with corporations like Sprint PCS, AT&T, AWC, & US Cellular.  Since the beginning of the digital mobile revolution Rich has worked on the front lines of bringing mobile telecommunications to national markets.

In 2008 after moving to Prescott, AZ, Rich began working on professional photography and fine art reproduction.  A complete change from a decade of network engineering, yet it still felt like engineering.  Color engineering.

Today he has married his two passions together.  Mobile technology & vivid images that tell a story.  Together these skill sets offer some amazing website design opportunities!

Custom website design from Jodi LeDoyt, Prescott ArizonaJodi LeDoyt

Jodi has spent most of her life working in the “Arts” industry in one form or other.  Educating artists on new media, working with painters, pastel artists, pen & ink, and more.

She’s taken her interests in the visual arts and re-dedicated them to helping clients create visually pleasing and informative websites that will appeal to clients across the spectrum.

When not working in tandem with Rich on larger projects, Jodi will also do independent site work for smaller sites where clients have a need for quick installs where they’ll do most of the follow up work.

Do’s and Don’ts

What we don’t do

Our approach is a little different.  We don’t do everything over the phone.  We don’t have painful conference calls with clients.  We don’t charge Wal-Mart prices.  We don’t blindly start working on a new site for you after our first conversation.  We don’t whip something together and then leave you hanging.  Oh, and if your business doesn’t meet our standards for a place we’d visit, we won’t be working together.

Every client is unique.  We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions.  Your website isn’t going to look like our last client’s site.  And your website won’t blend in with the pack.  Finally we don’t design based on what’s new or hot in design, as your site isn’t an experiment!

What we do

When we work on a project, we come to our client’s site.  We sit down in person to look at your business, your web needs, and how things can be improved for your customers.  We look at your competition both locally and beyond your local scene.  And we look for things that make your business stand out in the crowd.

Our process starts with meeting you, the business owner.  RLC Design gets to know your business, and we get to know who it is exactly you’re trying to reach.

And once we’ve got it all together we start work on a website design that is unique to your business.  There’s no rush, we make sure to cover everything with you!