Tailor Made Websites

Need tailor made relationships

We don’t work with every business that gets in touch with us.  We work with businesses that match our philosophy.  Developing relationships with clients takes work, but it’s worth it.  In the end, your tailor made website reflects our match with you.

Website Development that leads somewhere

Website Development that leads somewhere takes effort….

Before we sit down…

Before we sit down in person to discuss your website development needs, we’d like to fill you in on our business goals.  We strive to create unique website designs that are easy to navigate, and created to direct your clients to information that fills their needs.  In order to do that consider the following points:

  • RLC Design has been in the mobile communications business for over 2 decades. We pride ourselves on identifying technological solutions, and our understanding of network technologies. We are true “mobile professionals” in every sense of the phrase. When we make website development recommendations, they’re based on our knowledge and experience. If you’re looking for someone to execute a cookie cutter site design, we’re not the perfect match for you.
  • We’re proud of our work, and proud of our client base as well. We work with businesses that we ourselves would do business with. If your business isn’t up to our standards, we won’t be working together.
  • Our time has value. Just like your time has value. We all have our specialties, and our website development services are one of our main specialties. If your first question is about price, we’re probably not a match.

The Standard Questions We Hear

What will this cost?

We all like to gauge things by their cost.  What is often forgotten are the benefits you derive from what you’re purchasing, and our work offers your business a lot of benefits!  If your first question is about cost without consideration of benefits this will not be a tailor made relationship.  Every project is unique, and until we assess your needs we’re not throwing around unrealistic ball park numbers.

We bill at $105 per hour for items outside of our proposed offerings to clients.  And we base our proposed packages on your total needs.

Remember, if everything was based solely on cost, we’d all be driving Yugos and dining on Ramen Noodles.

Will it be fast?

Some clients need very little, and we help them deploy sites that they continue to add to within a week’s time.  Other clients have multiple requirements that take time to implement.  The more you want or need in the website, the longer it will take, just like any other service.  E-Commerce takes time, custom tracking systems take time, creating a body of custom images for your business takes time.  And we’ll be happy to discuss all of the factors on your website development plans when you get in touch!

The better question to ask would be, “Will it be done right?”  And the answer to that is yes if we’re working with you!

Send us a proposal

Woah, we’re likable but it’s not time for a wedding ring quite yet.  We need to get to know you first, and that means we need to talk about your needs first.

RLC Design likes to meet with potential clients in person or over the phone in order to learn what your business needs are online.  Often it takes a few conversations to discover everything you really want out of your website, social media, and more….  We’re willing to take that time to ensure that we have the whole picture for you!

Once again, if you need an off the cuff proposal for services before we’ve talked about the actual product you want, we’re probably not going to fit.

Like our approach?

Get in touch today and we can get started on creating an effective online presence for your business.