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Bret Blevins new website by Prescott Website Designer, RLC Design

Bret Blevins’ new website

Bret Blevins is a very well known name in the comic industry.  Brett’s work has been seen in Marvel Comics, DC Comics, works for Disney, and more.  From the comic pages to story boarding, and finally to some incredible fine art pieces as well, Bret is one of the living legends of graphic story telling.  He’s got a following around the globe, but until we sat down with him, he had no way to really communicate to the rest of the world.

A New Approach

Bret’s old website was antiquated and couldn’t be found.  This is often the case with artists.  Amazing works, terrible websites.  RLC Design sat down with Bret and listed out how he could reach his community of fans through a new mobile friendly website, a simple E-Commerce Solution, and tying his site together with several social media outlets.  The same day we deployed Bret’s new E-Commerce solution he began selling commission pieces from fans across the USA (15 minutes after the E-Commerce was launched to be exact).

I’d gotten so used to seeing bad websites over the years, I didn’t know what to expect from my new one. This? This is a great website!Bret Blevins
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