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We love to travel.  And when we do travel it’s normally with our Airstream in tow.  That’s why we enjoy working with travel oriented clients across the country.  RV Parks, B&B’s, destination locations, RLC Design Services does it all.  And recently we’ve gotten very involved with 55+ Active Adult Resort Websites.  In fact, over the next few months we’ll visit 7 resorts in total.

55+ Active Adult CommunityMany of these resorts are actually for RV’ers.  There are “55+ Active Adult Resort” communities across the country.  Parks from the east coast to the west coast cater to retired RV’ers looking for a nice spot for the season.  And over time, many of those RV’ers decide that it’s time to pick a home and stop traveling so much.  Those RV’ers transition from their rigs to Park Models or Manufactured homes in these 55+ adult communities.  It’s a very interesting evolution, and one that many of these resorts count on.

As we work with each park / resort in the McGavin resort family we’re developing a greater understanding of the adult resort community, and that helps us fashion sites that are suited to these places.  Bottom line?  RLC Design is developing a lot of expertise with 55+ Active Adult Resort Websites!

What’s funny visiting each of these resorts is that our team is not yet 55+.  In fact, we feel like the kids in the park when we visit!  I’ve got 11 years personally, then I can be a legit client, but until then I’m happy being the young guy at the park.

Do 55+ Active Adult Resort Communities need websites?

Short answer, yes!

These resort communities have a lot going on.  In the case of some, the resorts host hundreds and even thousands of guests and residents.  They have many planned activities throughout the year, and communicating with new and current residents is extremely important.  With the growing number of households young and old using the Internet to find information and stay up to date, good website design is critical.  Events calendars, news updates in e-mail, and new ways to interact with the resort’s management are all key.

In our travels over the years we have run across only a handful of people who didn’t have some type of computing device with them.  Smart Phones, Tablets, and Laptops travel with most everyone these days.  They’re using these devices to find places to visit, to move to, etc.  And even though the 55+ Resort communities have many retirees, these folks are still up to date with technology.  So there’s the long answer as well.

RLC Design Services can help you reach your clients too

With all of this in mind, if it’s time to update your Internet presence, RLC Design can help you as well.  RV Parks, B&B’s, Resort Communities, destination locations.  We have the knowledge and skills you need today.  So get in touch and we can help you bring a whole new level to your business website!

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