Chiricahua, ranking #2 on Google

Didn’t mean to do it, but I did it!

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Earlier today I wrote a post on our travel blog.  The title was “Goodbye Chiricahua, Hello Bisbee!”  Our Airstream has moved on to Bisbee after visiting the Chiricahua area for a few weeks.  That was the whole premise of the article.  And what came out of it?

The end result of that post was pretty simple.  My normal amount of traffic (viewers) popped by The Airstream Chronicles and read the post.  Over time more people will read the post.  That site has an eclectic group of readers.  Here’s what’s interesting……

Chiricahua, ranking #2 on Google

Chiricahua, ranking #2 on Google

I did a quick search on the term “Chiricahua” just to see.  And sure enough, the blog post written about leaving the National Monument was ranked #2 on a Google search for the term.  I didn’t do any extra SEO work, I didn’t plan to have the article register and get a front page listing the same day.  But given the fact that our travel blog updates often, provides relevant information, and is SEO optimized overall, we hit the second recommended slot for the word “Chiricahua” in a day.

RLC Design Services can do the same for your website.  Do you want to make your business a travel destination?  We can show you how.  We don’t just build you a website, we teach you how to run it.  It’s up to you how relevant you are.  Not interested in new clients?  Let the site be.  Looking to grow your business?  We’ll show you how.

The screen capture above is 100% dead on accurate.  The post I made about our travel will fall in ranking in a few days as its relevance dissipates.  But in the meantime?  Yeah, a fun and quick blog post got my article to the front page of Google, #2 in fact.  Right behind the National Park Service.  I can promise you, we can work on a slimmer budget than the US Federal Government and get you results that rival theirs!

It’s time to get found.  It’s time to grow your business.  It’s time to talk to mobile experts who have over 2 decades worth of net knowledge and photographic prowess.  Call us today.

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