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narrowpage1SEO, or search engine optimization, can help you get in front of more Internet viewers….but it takes a little work.  Part of the work we do at RLC Design includes basic SEO, and training our clients on how to improve their SEO on their own.

One of our clients recently teased me directly about my own personal website.  For years I’ve been photographing the southwest, selling in galleries, and doing commercial work for magazines in the region as well.  But after closing up shop in a gallery in Prescott Arizona I made the conscious decision to not focus on selling my photography anywhere outside of commercial work for my clients.  After making that decision I have spent very little time worrying about whether or not folks found me for my landscape work.

My client pointed out the following:

Hey Rich, I noticed that when I do a search for Prescott Landscape Photography you don’t show up on Google Page 1.  What’s up with that?

After getting teased by Ida (the owner of The Frame and I) I spent part of a day seeing what I could do to improve my SEO.  We have several tools that we use when we’re working on client sites, and our own sites for that matter, to help make sure we’re targeting the right words.  I figured I could improve my rankings a little on Google, and maybe get my personal website back to page one.  What I didn’t plan on was getting to the top of page one with a little effort.

Looking at the included screen capture you’ll see the top result for “Prescott Landscape Photographer,” is a paid advertisement from Joshua Treescape.  Right below my personal website where I resell some of my landscape images and promote this business as well.  Days before I wasn’t on Google Page 1.  After a little work and a few days of social media work and patience the top unpaid slot on Google.

With proper help and guidance from RLC Design, we help our clients reach new customers around the globe.  And with a plan for what you want to be found for, RLC Design can definitely help you with your search engine rankings!

P.S.  You’ll note that my site also comes up a few slots down for a Google Plus listing.  Given the number of Google Plus users, it’s an additional way to reach more potential clients.  2 listings on Google Page 1!

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