RV Park Owners need to stop stealing photos

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This image can be licensed for as little as $450 for a year’s use on a website. If you steal it for use on your site and you’re found out the price will be closer to $4,500

This is something that truly gets under the skin of folks who pride themselves in their work.  Copyright violations are not as simple as many people think.  Taking a small image from someone’s website and putting it on your own website is a copyright violation that could cost you thousands of dollars.

In our research here at RLC Design we have come across so many RV Park websites with images taken from other websites.  These images are used in violation of the copyright owner, and they could really cost you in the long run.  The photographers who take these images should be compensated via a license fee if they’re being used on your commercial website.

It’s not just RV parks, it’s small businesses everywhere

Visiting site after site on the Internet you can find image copyright violations all the time.  In my personal experience I’ve issued take down requests to businesses that used my images without my permission, and without compensating me.  And the cost of getting caught is much more than the cost of just licensing the image.

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While small business owners have budgets they have to work within, using photos without permission or licensing is theft.  “We only stole the food from the grocery store because it didn’t fit within our budget.”  Unfortunately, theft if theft.  That excuse won’t get you far, and it’s the same thing as snatching pretty images to promote your business from someone who makes their living creating compelling images.  You stole it because you knew it would add to your marketing and help you make more money.

Images should represent your business

There’s a simple solution when it comes to images for your business website.  Hire a professional who can create compelling images specifically for you.  Photos of your RV Park are better than photos of someone else’s RV Park.  Images of must see attractions in your area really sell, so why not get your own custom images?  Better yet, license them to resell and you can raise your revenues by selling post cards and T-shirts of your park and area.

What goes on the Internet under your name matters.  There is a right way and wrong way to go about representing your services.  And the right thing to do is get your own images, not someone else’s that you’re snatching off of their site.

What we do at RLC Design

When we work with a business on their web presence we’re not just working on the website.  Our team also documents your park through still photography and video.  And when we’re wrapped up with our work you can be assured……  The images you’re using are licensed to you, and they truly represent your park and surrounding area!

Call us today to find out how we can help get you more web traffic, and more reservations (which is what you really want).


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