IOS Database Designs

icon_fmp_2013We’ve designed database solutions for over 2 decades.  Organizations like Sprint PCS, TeleCorp PCS, US Cellular, and Atlantic Western have utilized our custom database solutions.

Now we’re offering custom IOS solutions to small businesses across the country.

Are you still using paper invoices to track your client base?  Do you think a new management and tracking system will be to hard to learn?  Don’t you want to be able to pull up a returning customer’s information and make them feel that they matter to your business?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions it’s time to get in touch with us.  Today’s technology is racing ahead.  We can help you catch up.

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Park Manager Lite 1.0

Recently we’ve developed a very simple, very lite park manager for smaller privately owned RV Parks on behalf of one of our clients.  Traveling and full time RV’ing since 2006 we’ve seen a lot of RV parks still managing customer reservations strictly with paper, a park map, and a calendar.

Do you want to avoid double booking a site?  Would you like an end of day summary on check ins and check outs?  Would you like to know about current reservations for the upcoming week?  Park Manager Lite 1.0 can help you out.

The best part about Park Manager Lite is it’s flexibility.  Each installation can be easily customized to your park’s needs.  One size doesn’t fit all, but with Park Manager Lite our team can deliver a park management solution to you quickly.