Tech Training

Being in the technology business for more than 2 decades doesn’t mean a thing.  We’ve met many IT professionals who have been in the biz for a long time.  That doesn’t mean anything if they haven’t kept up.  It means even less if they can’t explain all this stuff to an average end user.

Fortunately, RLC Design’s staff has been in the business for decades, and one of our specialties is making hard to understand tech stuff simple and easy for any computer novice.  We’ve taught average people with no technology background:

  • Lucent Switch Engineering.
  • Database design.
  • Website management.
  • Database use.
  • Photography.
  • Photoshop.
  • Adobe Lightroom.

And we can teach you and your staff as well.  Part of our service offerings to bring small businesses into the 21st Century includes training you and the members of your organization on how to manage your web presence and management system without needing to always call us.  We’re going to make you an expert on your own business IT systems.

Of course, we like you to call on us as well.  So, when a task is too big we’re available 7 days a week.  And since we’re a mobile company, we can come to you for your training needs.