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Catching up with RLC Design – Tutorials and Drones

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August has been a busy month here at RLC Design.  Client projects, pet projects, and some heavy learning for this author.  Everything that has been going on here has direct implications for RLC Design, so let’s get you up to date.

On the ground and in the air

We’ve happily offered online development for clients from Massachusetts to Arizona for several years now.  Part of our online outreach packages have included training, videography, photography, and content development.  I’m happy to say, we’re adding a little more to our offerings for clients across the country.

Team member Greg R is a private pilot and he’s a flight instructor.  He’s also a licensed Drone pilot.  After a lot of discussion and studying, I am now a licensed drone pilot as well.  That means RLC Design can offer aerial images and video to our clients who do site builds with us.  It’s just another service that can help you get recognized in the competitive online marketplace that we currently live in.

Many drone pilots offering services to their clients are actually not commercial license holders with the FAA.  Any video or photography provided by vendors who do not have a commercial license could be bad for your business.  Fines levied by the FAA are no joking matter.  While the UAS industry is still in its infancy, it’s clear that federal requirements are still developing.  Rather than short cutting the appropriate process, RLC Design believes that it’s in the best interests of ourselves and our clients that things are done the right way.

So, when you’re thinking about your online presence needs, keep in mind that we now offer a very unique service, and we are licensed and insured in order to protect our clients’ investment in their online marketing.

Tutorials – Not coming soon, they’re here!

We’ve also been busily putting together a new series of tutorials here at RLC Design for current clients, and for those interested in learning first hand the process we go through developing effective online presence for our clients.  We understand that not every person visiting this site and interested in our services have a budget for our work.  With that in mind, we’ve started a new training series over at Patreon.  For $39 per month you can have access to the same tutorials we provide our clients.

From start to finish, the new video series documents using WordPress, the X Theme, and WP Engine.  These are the primary tools we use for every site build we do.  And the video series walks beginners through the process, teaching you how to operate your website, build information, and start your online outreach with your website.  To learn more about the video series visit the following link:

RLC Design Tutorials on Patreon

More video from RLC Design hits the web

We’ve also recently started really putting new video content out from RLC Design.  The tutorial series is just one part of our new video campaign.  We’re also doing a new series on what it takes to legally and effectively use drones in our business.  In addition to that, we’ve started a new video series about all of the recreational opportunities available in the Prescott Arizona area.  Since Prescott is the home base for our business, we thought it would be fun to share why it’s such an interesting place to live.  We still travel to client locations with our Airstream, but when we’re done with a project you can expect to find us in the Prescott area.

For a little fun, we’ve linked a few new videos here for you to enjoy.  Some tutorial work, a glimpse into the new series, “My Drone Journey,” and a few video links of the recreational opportunities we take advantage of here every day.  To check out RLC Design’s full YouTube Channel, click here!

Introduction to our new online training

My Drone Journey – Documenting my learning curve in the Drone industry


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