Prescott Drone Photography and Video for Website Presentation

Integrating Drone Services with RLC Design

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It’s been an extremely busy start to the fall here with RLC Design Services.  Only a few short weeks ago I became a commercial drone pilot after a lot of encouragement from our partner Greg who is also a commercial drone pilot, flight instructor, and pilot.  What does that mean for our website and online presence clients?

Simple, we can now offer aerial photography and videography to our client base.

Since we work with many destination location businesses, offering drone photography and videos makes sense.  From fly overs above RV parks and B&B’s, to video presentations about our customer properties, this opens up a new world of imaging possibilities for you!  And given the number of drone pilots offering services without having an FAA license, we believe that offering legal services from RLC Design is the right thing to do.

Prescott Drone Photography and Video for Website Presentation

Drones are popping up everywhere

Drones are all over the news.  Privacy issues, safety issues, and services drone operators can provide have been headlines for quite some time now.  With the recent hurricanes in the United States, the public has been getting a better idea of what sUAS pilots can offer for services in times of emergency.  Beyond just emergency needs there’s a lot that can be offered with the latest remote aircraft, but you need to be sure that the service provider you select is a legal one.  Fines from the FAA can be hefty.

With the addition of aerial photography for our current and future client base, RLC Design is happy to share that we have two FAA certified remote pilots on staff.  We’re based out of Prescott Arizona, but we’re happy to work with clients across the southwest.  So if it’s time to re-build your online presence, and you want the most modern images and videos on your website, you have one more reason to contact RLC Design Services!

To see a few examples of the types of aerial work we do, please visit the following websites.

Arizona High Altitude Training:  Launched by our business partner Greg, AZ High Altitude Training offers some unique outdoor experiences in Prescott.  Greg built his website from the ground up, and has included many amazing running videos on the ground and in the air.  A new side venture for RLC Design Services, Explore Prescott will showcase the amazing outdoor activities in the greater Prescott area.  Included in the website are multiple videos from the ground and from the air.  These are great examples of what we can offer our clients here at RLC Design as well!

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