Every website needs images – Are yours legal?

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You might want to use this image on your website, but if you haven’t licensed it from me you have violated copyright, and might get a larger bill then you bargained for.

In speaking with business owners across the Southwest we’ve found an interesting trend when discussing the images on their websites.  Often times business owners will head out onto the Web and find images they like.  Sometimes they’re images from the local chamber of commerce, or the city tourism website, or even off of a competitor’s website.  And these are the images they chose to display on their informational site about their commercial business.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior is really rolling the dice asking for a suit down the road.  See, the images on other people’s sites have a copyright.  There was someone involved in producing the image, and the copyright is theirs.  The photographer could have contracted with the website you’re borrowing from and been compensated by that entity.  But they have not entered into an agreement with you for the use of their image.

Bottom line?  You’ve violated the photographer’s copyright.  Best case scenario is that you strike an agreement with them yourself and license their image for use on your own site.  Worst case scenario?  A suit that will cost you way more than properly licensing the image in the first place.

Images from RLC Design

When we come into your business location to mobilize your web presence we also add a little something extra.  Currently we’ve got two professional photographers on staff who are capable of representing your business in an honest light, and help you put your best foot forward when visitors come pay a visit to you on the web.

This benefits you in two ways:

  1. Your site completely represents your business specifically.  With generic images pulled off the web you’re really not representing who you are.
  2. You know for certain that the images on your site are licensed to you, and you are absolutely allowed to use the images.  No fear of violating some one else’s copyright.

Images sell, otherwise you wouldn’t want them

If an image is used on your website you’re counting on it to help the appeal of your small business.  And if it does and increases your bottom line you’ve made a profit.  Every website we visit has images on them that show what their business is about.  And if you’re earning off of that image, shouldn’t the person who created it be earning as well?

Photographers are in a tough market these days with the advent of digital imaging.  Copyright violations are being pursued more often, as photography is a business too.  Instead of being uncertain, use images you’ve created, images you’ve licensed, or have a pro really represent your business for you.

Feel free to check out our web “rehab” rates today, and if you like what you see please feel free to get in contact with us.


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