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This morning I received a mailer from Adobe.  They’re the guys who create great software like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator (just to name a few).  The e-mail was titled “Mobile Trends for 2014.”  And the information in the mailer was pretty compelling.  From the initial statement the tone is set.

There are more than 2 billion smartphones on the planet — and they’re transforming business as we know it.

For businesses that utilize the internet as part of their marketing strategy the above statement speaks volumes.  2 billion smartphones are out there right now.  Mobilized web viewing is a reality.  And in the case of many businesses online right now…..the reality is their websites aren’t ready for these viewers.

In the case of RV Parks across the U.S., with a highly mobile client base, creating a mobilized web presence isn’t a nice idea any longer.  It is a must!

As we’ve been traveling the southwest over the past few months meeting with park owners and RV’ers, a trend has been noted.  100% of the RV’ers we’ve met have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  In almost all of the cases of RV’ers we’ve found that they have several devices in their RV’s.

A month ago we met a couple new to full time RV’ing.  They’d been on the road 4 months.  And I asked them a simple question.  How do you find parks?  The husband looked at his wife as she whipped out her Android phone, and she told me they googled parks, and they used RV Park Reviews.  Now, these folks were retirement age, not young kids who are super techie.

Jodi dry camping in Borrego Springs. Still connected to the net, even in the middle of the desert.

That should say a lot to park owners who believe their clients aren’t tech savvy travelers.  The RV owners across the U.S. are all becoming super tech savvy.  So, should you bury your head in the sand to this change in how technology is used by your clients?  Do you really believe that paper media and guides are bringing in your clients?

If you’re questioning your own web presence, please feel free to contact us.  We know mobile, we’re full time RV’ers, and we can help you sort out this ever changing tech marketplace to maximize your guests rolling in!

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