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This morning I put the finishing touches on a very simple video slider bar for Prescott’s “The Frame & I.”  It’s pretty slick, so take a look at it on their site by clicking here.

Short and simple videos for the top of any website add a little more!  At first I didn’t know if I’d be a fan of embedded video sliders, but after searching the web looking at different types I’ve found they may be useful.  We’ll be testing on the Frame & I for the next few weeks to see what their customers’ reactions are to the update.

Video Tours and Walk-throughs have their place

Simple and short videos can really help sell your business.  One week ago RLC Design completed an extremely simple and effective video for Point of Rocks Campground in Prescott Arizona.  The video provides a quick tour through the park, a description of the services offered at the park, and finally a few bits of information about things to do in the area.  The video itself is under 3 minutes in length, so it isn’t too long for the many Internet users with severed Internet ADD.  And the video is highly effective.  How do I know this?

In 1 week’s time it’s been viewed 139 times.  I haven’t posted about it anywhere, it is only linked on the Point of Rocks website.  But I’ll share it with you here……Oh, and be sure to set it to HD, none of this low quality stuff…..

Prior to this video, Point of Rocks had another that I had created for them. That video has had thousands of hits since the relaunch of Point of Rocks website, January of 2015. The updated video was only created to let folks know that the park now has Wi-Fi!  And by the way, guests watched the video.  How do I know that?  Because many folks I’ve met at Point of Rocks over the last year recognized me from the first video, and they told me so.

Web videos can help you sell

For our recent clients at McGavin Holdings, the power of the online video is not to be questioned.  Video walk throughs of park models for sale, video tours of the respective parks, all go into helping these resorts find more guests and residents.  Queen Valley’s website was finished 3 months ago and their park tour has 361 views.  They’re booked for the 2015-2016 snowbird season, and the video tours helped to make that happen quickly.

Sundance 1 RV Resort’s “Park Model” sales video has had 461 views to date.  And the sales team is selling!  I know this because Sundance 1’s manager who oversees the website told me so.  The park tour video has had over 700 views.  That’s a lot of views in under 4 months.

Bottom Line?  When you include videos on your websites, only the most serious potential customers are going to watch them.  Most are just browsing.  But when they navigate to your Park Model Sales Page and take the time to watch the whole video?  Yeah, that’s a potential sale right there.  So when I look at the video views on client sites averaging more than 100 per month, I know they have real potential guest and residents checking them out.

And yes, RLC Design offers web design packages with video tours of your business.  So contact us today to discuss your Internet presence needs!

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