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Website Icons don’t show off your business

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In addition to the trend toward stock photography for business advertising, there’s another insidious thing going on in the web world.

Website Icons.  They’re everywhere, and everybody seems to love them.

Apparently icons are “business-y”.  They’re quick little cartoon graphics, and business websites and website designers love them!  Sadly, these cool little icons say little about your business beyond the fact that you’ve got somebody on staff who knows how to use Photoshop or Illustrator.  Beyond that, there’s little about these pixelated pals that shows you off as a unique business.  Here, look below, I took a few moments to make a Website Icon workflow.

Website Icons spoof by Prescott Website Designer - RLC Design

Show us your business & your products, not canned website icons

As an online consumer, you know what I’d like to see?  If you said, “More website icons,” you’re just being difficult….cut it out….

I’d like to see your business, your products or services, and what you’re all about.  I’d like some content before I make a decision to purchase from you, stay with you, or hire you to do work for me.  So, show me your images!

See, website icons don’t show off your business at all.  Images of your business show off your business.  For instance, if you take a look through this website, RLC Design, you will see images of our work, of the places we travel to for work, and images of our clients’ websites after we’ve completed them.  You get a real feel for the type of work we do.  And you also learn that when we do a website overhaul, or a new website from scratch, professional photography is involved.

What’s that saying?  A picture is worth a thousand words….  yeah, that’s the one.

So, you can paste website icons all day long in cool little workflows, but it won’t give your visitors a feel for who you are.  If you’re ready to develop a meaningful online presence, contact RLC Design Services today, and we’ll help show you off to the world!

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