Mobile clients need mobile websites

Google to penalize non-mobile websites?

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This morning while reading around a few threads I came across a post that caught my attention.  From the site Business to Community one article caught my attention. Google to Start Penalizing Non-Mobile Sites.

“So much so, in fact, that the search engine giant will be updating its algorithm (again) to increase rankings for mobile-friendly sites. That’s right, Google announced last week that it plans to expand its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.”
Mobile clients need mobile websites

Mobile clients need mobile websites

Reading around the net further I found that the word is out there.  Google will be including whether or not sites are mobile ready in their rankings.  And actually the whole concept makes sense.

For smartphone and tablet users searching on Google, knowing whether or not a website is mobile friendly is quite important.  Every time I search for a business or information on the Internet with my iPhone I hate getting non-mobile sites.  I can’t read them on my phone, and personally I navigate away from those sites.  They’re a waste of my time when using a mobile device.  Apparently Google agrees with me.

Catering To Your Mobile Clients

This has been coming for a while now.  Millions of web users are now using their mobile devices exclusively.  When they’re on the road you know the mobile devices are what’s being used.  But even when they’re at home, it’s quick and easy to do your web searches on your smartphone or tablet.  And you know, like me, hitting a site you can’t view on your mobile device is annoying.  I bet you navigate away just like I do.  For the website owner that we navigate away from?  That’s called losing a customer.

With these changes in mind, it’s time to mobilize your website!  This is something RLC Design can help you with.  Not only do we know mobile website design (also known as Responsive Design), we’re totally mobile ourselves.  Traveling full time in an Airstream, we know exactly what potential customers or guests are looking for in a mobile site.

If you’re looking to reach your customers on today’s mobile platforms, and looking to retain your current Google ranking (or improve it), it’s time to mobilize.


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