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Getting your name out there

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Getting your name out there is an important part of your business.  Setting up a shop or business and then failing to let anyone know you exist is a sure fire setup for business failure.  And today getting your name out there “Globally” is incredibly easy thanks to the Internet.  Unfortunately, if you do it wrong, your online presence will …

The Themeco Summit

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Today I’m at the M Resort outside of Las Vegas, NV.  Several months ago I was invited to this event by ThemeCo, the creators of the X Theme.  The Themeco Summit! When I first stumbled across the X Theme I was blown away.  Since the first website I ever developed (a simple site for the Economics Department at UNH when …

Website Icons spoof by Prescott Website Designer - RLC Design

Website Icons don’t show off your business

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In addition to the trend toward stock photography for business advertising, there’s another insidious thing going on in the web world. Website Icons.  They’re everywhere, and everybody seems to love them. Apparently icons are “business-y”.  They’re quick little cartoon graphics, and business websites and website designers love them!  Sadly, these cool little icons say little about your business beyond the …

RV Park web developer

Get your RV Park Website found

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RV’ers are highly mobile people.  And they’re now carrying the latest technology with them to help their travels go smoothly.  It used to be they’d carry a few directories around with them, but these days they’ve got an Android, iPhone, or iPad with them, and that’s how they’re searching for you. Sure, you’ve got an Internet presence.  But sadly your …

Mobile Friendly Website Design

“Hang you or hug you…” Mobile Friendly Works

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Today I stopped into the office of Point of Rocks Campground in Prescott, Arizona.  We’ve been staying here a few months as we work with clients in the Prescott area.  As people are becoming aware of the new mobile friendly requirement from Google, we’re getting a few more calls! Interestingly enough, we’re not the only ones getting calls.  The staff …

Mobile clients need mobile websites

Google to penalize non-mobile websites?

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This morning while reading around a few threads I came across a post that caught my attention.  From the site Business to Community one article caught my attention. Google to Start Penalizing Non-Mobile Sites. “So much so, in fact, that the search engine giant will be updating its algorithm (again) to increase rankings for mobile-friendly sites. That’s right, Google announced …


Presentation Matters

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There are may quotes out there stating that “presentation is everything.”  We wouldn’t go that far here at RLC Design, but we do agree that presentation matters.  In addition to how you present yourself, your business, your work, the content also matters, and sometimes that gets lost. Why Presentation Matters Yesterday I received an update from Kickstarter on a new …

Beyond RV Park Web Design – The latest clients

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The 4th of July weekend has come and gone.  And we’re still on location in New England wrapping up with our most recent clients.  The Manchaug Pond Foundation and Hilltop Wellness. The Manchaug Pond Foundation Over the course of the month of June we’ve been heavily engaged working with the Manchaug Pond Foundation.  They’re a small non-profit organization located in …

Video Tours for RV Parks

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A short video tour of a park isn’t just a “gee whiz” gimmick.  Over the course of our travels we’ve showed our quick park tours to countless RV’ers who love the idea.  Getting a look at a park you’re going to visit beforehand is a great way to sell a potential guest.  During our stay in Havasu we showed many …