Is your RV Park a destination?

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One of the many sites to see when visiting Borrego Srpings, CA.

Traveling the country we’ve stopped into a lot of RV Parks.  Some parks were on the way to our final destination.  Other parks of course were the destination.  And often times a park that was “on the way,” actually became a destination for us.

RV’ers go from Point A to Point B with a goal in mind.  Visit this national park, this town or that town.  And in their travels they’ll stay for a night or two at parks on their way.  If you feel like your park is “on the way,” how do you make it a destination?

RLC Design can help you with making your park a destination as well.  Every area has an interesting location or two.  Do you mention those locations on your website?  Does your staff recommend activities to your guests?  Are you doing enough to help your guests passing through to recognize that they might want to stay with you a little longer?

In addition to helping your park with it’s online image, we can also help you identify attractions in your area that bring tourists in to you.  The more interesting things there are to visit, the longer your guests stay might be.  And in the end that means additional revenue to your park.

From my own personal perspective I once pulled into a park for a simple overnight.  And that overnight turned into a very long term stay after I discovered what the area has to offer.



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