Virtual RV Park Tours With Something Extra

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A screen shot of an aerial video link on our website.


Recently we announced our virtual park tour service here at RLC Design.  What we didn’t mention was an extra service included with the video tour…….

Aerial photography and video for the parks we work with.

Technology is racing ahead, and we like to keep pace with it.  That’s why we recently added an “unmanned drone” to our arsenal of photo and video equipment.  Hey, if drones are good enough for the Feds, then they’re good enough for our clients too!

For the past few days we’ve been testing with our new video platform, and so far we’re happy with the results.  A few pilot errors almost lost us a lot of gear, but today we’ve become experts at not flying off into the sunset.

Now our service offering includes 5 minutes of video (your choice).  Steady cam footage on the ground, footage of your facilities, an actual drive through in your park, and aerial footage to boot.  Want a full 5 minutes of flying through the park?  Yeah, we can do that.  Want a mix of footage on the ground and in the air.  Can do.  Would you like to do your own voice over on the video and talk about your park while viewers take in the sites?  That’s a big 10-4 Roger Can Do!

Watch our mixed video (ground an aerial) of Anza Borrego State Park to get an idea of what we’re talking about.  And once you’ve watched it, get in contact with us so we can get your own tour started today.


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