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Built With, under your website hood

What’s my personal site Built With? Easy enough to discover!

Websites are so mysterious.  They’re little black boxes online, right?


It’s very easy for anyone to learn about what your site is built on.  There’s a handy website out there called Built With, and with that site I can learn a lot about what platform you’re using.  It’s like looking under your website hood.  What’s in there, what plugins are running, are you out of date on your updates.  All of this can be easily discovered by someone who knows what they’re doing.

If you’re hosting and developing on WordPress, you can learn more as well.  Just check out WordPress Theme Detector.  Let’s say there’s a site you like, and you’d like to build something similar.  With Theme Detector and Built With you can walk away with almost everything you need to know!  Where are you hosting, what themes are you using, E-Commerce, and more.  It’s all available to anyone.

How about looking at your website’s performance?  There are many tools for that as well.  One such tool is FirstSiteGuide.com.  With this site you can take a look at the overall health of a site.  How does it perform on desktop vs mobile, your overall site score, and some estimates on overall traffic.  The site helps you identify areas to work on to raise your site’s overall score, and identify some issues that might be costing you visitors (slow load speed for instance).

And there it is.  It’s all available to everyone, including folks who aren’t checking you out because they like your site.  They’re looking for vulnerabilities.

Security and Updates Are So Important

Seriously, whatever platform you’ve built your website on is easy enough to discover even for someone who isn’t super tech savvy.  With that in mind, tech savvy folks like hackers have a lot of information available to them about your website.  And if they’re intending on doing your site harm they have information freely available about whether or not you’re keeping up with your latest updates and security.  So don’t make it easy on them.

When you’re building a new website, or updating an outdated one to something better, make sure you have security in mind.  If your web developer doesn’t share information with you (there are many who don’t) it’s easy enough to find out how your site was built, and if vulnerabilities exist.

Bottom line?  Make sure you’re informed of everything going into your site, and make sure you know how to keep up with the latest updates for your site!  RLC Design Services happily trains each of our clients on how to maintain and grow their sites, and also how to make sure they’re as secure as they can be!  It’s not a black box when we’re done, and you can look under your website hood any time you like!

Want to know what I'm building with on WordPress? Stop by Theme Detector!

Want to know what I’m building with on WordPress? Stop by Theme Detector!

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