Safeguard your cutomer privacy

How not to safeguard your guest privacy

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Privacy is something that’s getting harder to maintain these days.  Every week you hear about one company or another getting hacked and exposing their customers and guests to any number of scams out there.  So security should be on your mind when it comes to your online presence, not just for your own benefit but for that our your customers …

SEO Failure

SEO failure could lead to business failure

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Right before Christmas I received a very interesting call.  At first the call made me uncomfortable, but as the conversation progressed it made me hopeful that I had found my next client, and that they really needed RLC Design.  The business owner has learned in no uncertain terms why SEO failure can lead to business failure.  They’ve experienced it first …

B&B Web Design

B&B Website Client Success – Hiker Hostel

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In August of 2014 the RLC Design Mobile Studio could be found in the Dahlonega Georgia area.  Hot and humid, plenty of rain, giant bees, and kudzu draping the steep mountain slopes.  Why were we in the area? Hiker Hostel is a very unique B&B / Hostel located outside Dahlonega.  They’ve been operating for over a decade now, helping …

Travel Destination Web Design

Everyone’s time has value

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As our business continues to expand and we add new clients to our current portfolio we’re seeing some incredible things.  Some of our clients are taking control of their web presence like champs.  Others are struggling a bit.  And a few realize that there’s more to having a website than they ever expected.  Recently I had a conversation with one …

Looking under your website hood

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Websites are so mysterious.  They’re little black boxes online, right? Wrong. It’s very easy for anyone to learn about what your site is built on.  There’s a handy website out there called Built With, and with that site I can learn a lot about what platform you’re using.  It’s like looking under your website hood.  What’s in there, what plugins …