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Mobile Tech & Social Media’s Impact On Tourist Destinations

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Walking through the Granite Dells in Prescott Arizona is an experience.  Stunning rock formations, a beautiful lake, trails that go on and on.  And these days when someone happens upon an amazing scene they don’t sit back and wish they could share it with friends and family, they actually do it right then and there.

The smartphone comes out, the scene is captured as a still image or video, they hit the share it button and suddenly it’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and any other social media outlet you can name.  There are currently in excess of 849,000 hash tags for Grand Canyon alone on Instagram…..

Take a look through Instagram.  The number of images from the Grand Canyon is mind boggling.  Tourists are not only visiting locations, they’re immediately sharing those locations and interacting with an audience of thousands every day!

Social Media Can Impact Your Business!

If you’re catering to today’s mobile tourist crowd, social media and mobile tech can impact your business significantly.  For example, several months ago while staying at our “home base” location in Prescott I posted several images from Point of Rocks RV Park on Instagram.  One of the many folks who follows my Instagram feed saw the beautiful images and made a decision to stay at Point of Rocks.  Their stay was extended several times to enjoy all that the area had to offer!

Their initial decision to stay was based on a few images I shared on social media (Instagram).  More importantly, several other RV’ers who were in the area made the decision to visit and stay as well based on the images that I was sharing and this new camper’s images as well.  Completely new guests for the park, and guests who were not only influenced by social media, but who influence their followers as well with their own stories and images.

It’s a good thing the park and the location made a good impression.  You can only imagine what a bad impression could do when things go “viral” on the net.

So yes, social media can really impact your destination location, whether you’re an RV Park, B&B, non-chain Hotel/Motel, or any other business that depends on guests staying with you.  Social media can make you a star or a pariah in a matter of seconds.

Instagram_Social media

Social Media’s impact on park visitors

Time to engage with your new client base

Is your destination business reaching out to the new mobile client?  Are you engaging them, or are you just hoping they pop in soon?  And when they pop by to stay with you, are you going to make their digital list?

A great starting point for you business is simple.  Your website needs to be up to today’s standards.  Mobile-Friendly is key.  Having a site that you can directly interact with your guests is also extremely important.  And you’ve got to understand that done right, you have an entirely new marketing team at your disposal, doing the heavy lifting for you.  One positive tweet, one compelling moment on Instagram, or one simple Facebook write up can take your business viral.

Help today’s mobile tech / social media savvy clients find you!  Talk to RLC Design today about taking your website from an online business card to an experience that your guest will want to share with everyone they know!

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