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Is your website traffic analysis showing tumbleweeds? Purposeful Web Design might be your solution.

Over the past few weeks we haven’t had time to post here at our official business website.  We have been posting over at The Airstream Chronicles, and over at Living In Tin (our new travel guide site for the southwest), but the business site always gets low priority when we’re busy…..doing business.

Currently we’re working on 3 separate projects here at RLC Design.  So we haven’t been pushing out to find new clients as our schedule is booked through to December 1st.  That’s a great thing, and we’re happy to be busy with our client projects!

Lately we’ve been very focused on a concept that I think is lost on a lot of businesses out there.  The concept is simple.  Purposeful Web Design.

What’s Purposeful Web Design You Ask?

Something that gets lost in web development by many web designers, and by their clients alike, is remembering why you’re building a site in the first place.  What is the ultimate goal, the purpose, of the website?  Often designers get involved in making a spectacular design, and clients get lost in what font they really want.  But in the end, when building a site with clients you have to keep in mind the intent of the site.

  • Do you want to reach new customers?
  • Are your clients mobile?  Are they reaching your site with smartphones and tablets?
  • Is an online storefront necessary for your business?
  • Will 32 pages, 64 pages, or 5 pages do what you need?
  • Why do you need a website anyway?

If you don’t know the real goal of building your site on the Internet, you’re most likely wasting your money and time.  Sure you might come away with a shiny new website that wins design awards, but is it going to better your bottom line?  Is that even your goal.

When we talk about purposeful web design, we’re talking about assessing your business needs before building your website.  Your message might only need 5 pages on the Internet.  Or you might need hundreds of pages for a sales site.  That’s where we come in.  RLC Design helps you identify what you’re trying to achieve, and we then work with our clients hand in hand to get you a site that is extremely purposeful.

RV Park Clients Need To Reach Mobile Customers

RV Park Website Design

RV Parks can fill their spaces with Purposeful Web Design

For example, our RV Park Clients are trying to reach their client base on the road.  Many RV Parks are along someone’s path from Point A to Point B.  And your park is at Point C, somewhere between their starting location and destination.  And today, many RV’ers are looking for their “stop overs” on their smartphones or other connected devices.  So the purpose of our web designs for clients is simple.

Reach those mobile clients passing by.

In the case of RV Parks, our Purposeful Web Design strategy is to communicate a few things quickly to mobile users.  Where you’re located, how to contact you, and your rates.  These are the things that RV’ers want to know quickly.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, it has to be informative, and quick to respond.

In the case of La Mesa RV Park, we achieved our goals pretty quickly.  In less than a year’s time we’ve seen the park go from always having a few open sites every evening to being 100% booked every evening.  The park owner told us recently, “I keep having to send people down the road because I’m full every night.”  The goal here, 100% occupancy, and it’s working!  That’s Purposeful Web Design.

So, what is it we can do for your business?  Get in touch today and lets talk about what you want to see out of your website.

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