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2014 has been an interesting year here at RLC Design Services.  The Airstream has traveled coast to coast to help new clients get more traffic from their Internet presence.  We’ve focused on responsive web design from New England to Georgia, crossing the country back to Colorado, Arizona, and California.  And our clients have been very happy with our responsive web design.

What is Responsive Web Design?

From Buckskin Mountain State Park

From Buckskin Mountain State Park

For those who don’t know, responsive web design refers to websites that can be viewed on many devices.  From smartphones to large screen computers, the site adjusts to the size of your device, and makes the site look good and readable on any screen.  You could also call it mobile website design if you like, it’s the same thing!

While we initially started out looking to work with RV Parks across the U.S., we have adjusted our vision and are working with small to medium companies in a variety of industries.  From small non-profits to specialty B&B’s, we’ve seen it all this year.  Our latest project is an overhaul of a Flight School’s website in Arizona, and we’re also working with a custom framing shop as well.  And for every client we’ve created unique responsive web designs that are also SEO friendly so the sites get found easily on search engines.

With so many consumers now using smartphones and tablets for their web browsing, responsive web design is a must.  If your website doesn’t translate to mobile devices and customers find it unreadable, how long do you think they’ll spend on your website learning about your products and services.  Probably not very long at all.  Creating a website that is “mobile ready,” requires a good responsive design that ensures the site is readable and useful on any device, not just your desktop computer.

As you may have gathered, RLC Design Services is a “mobile” business.  We’ve traveled coast to coast for our clients this year, as we like to work directly with each individual client.  Building a website for a business you’ve never seen is pretty tough, so we like to be on the ground to see how each client operates, and how we can best assist their Internet marketing needs.

Contact us today to talk about building a responsive (mobile ready) website for your business.


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