RLC Design Services First Post

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Well, today is the day!  We’re finally squared away with our new website’s development, and it’s time to create the first blog post for the site.

RLC Design Services was founded in 2013.  It is a combination of several areas of expertise offered by Rich Charpentier.  Network Engineer, Database Designer, Web Developer, and nationally recognized Photographer.  It may sound like a diverse background, but when you put it all together it actually sounds like an amazing formula for custom databases and website for the small RV Parks across the nation.  And that’s exactly what it is.

Having been a full time RV’er since 2006, Rich knows the industry well.  And he knows what park visitors are looking for.  What type of website will work to pull in new clients is very important.  And RLC Design Services knows exactly what will work in today’s smart phone driven web experience.

What that means for our future clients is simple.  Elegant websites that park owners can update on their own.  SEO ready websites.  Mobile ready websites.  And tracking systems that will prove out whether or not your web presence is working for you.

So, there we have it.  The blog post that launches it all!

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