RV Summer Vacation Time

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06COWe’re fast approaching Summer time.  And that means it’s time to plan for vacations.  Across the USA folks will be loading up their RV’s for quick weekend getaways, week long trips, or maybe even a month on their favorite lake.

For many RV Parks summer in North America is the “peak season.”  This is the time of year that parks fill up, and operating budgets are made.  The Retail Stores have Black Friday to get their books up to par.  Summer vacation time works the same way for many parks.

If your park doesn’t fill up during the peak time of year, why?  People all over the country will be traveling to favorite destinations, new and unexplored places, or maybe just down the road.  Is your park doing everything it can to reach those travelers?

Maybe it is time to update your RV Park Website.  Dust off the cobwebs on a site that was built 10 years ago and isn’t living up to its maximum potential.  Does your site work on Smartphones and Tablets?  Are the images on your site appealing?  Is your park a destination but not everyone knows it?  Do you have any idea how many guests find you on the Internet?

Get in touch with us.  We’ll be happy to come stay at your park for a week and help you get your web presence ready for this year’s vacation crowd!

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