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So busy you’re turning customers away

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Isn’t that what every business wants to see.  Being so busy that you’re actually turning customers away?  Of course you don’t want to turn them away, but a great sign of success is when there’s more demand for your services or products then you have the capacity for.  And when that happens you might think about expanding, hiring a larger staff, moving to a bigger location, etc.

Turning Customers Away All Summer

lamesanewOne of our original RV Park clients, La Mesa RV Park in Cortez Colorado, had an extremely busy 2014.  They were so busy during their peak season for visitors to Mesa Verde, Hovenweep, and the 4 Corners Region, that they often found themselves directing potential clients down the road to their competitors.  La Mesa RV Park just kept filling up every night!

The owner, Shiree, shared the story of her busiest summer with us when we visited in September of 2014.  Not only did she share the story, we actually saw it first hand while we visited the area.  We were lucky enough to spend the entire month of September in the area working on articles about the nearby National Monuments.  And every evening we were there we’d see countless RV’s trying to get a spot at the park, but the park was already filled up.

Shiree told us that two things happened to create her busiest summer ever.  First, several improvements to the park itself.  Longer sites for big rigs, and power upgrades throughout the park.  The second change was the website we updated for her in 2013.  Combined together, the physical improvements to the park and the new visibility on the Internet brought her park more visitors then she had room for.

A fantastic problem to have!

And fortunately, we know that the improvements to her website did contribute to her year.  With each check in Shiree always asks her guests how they found her.  It’s part of her check in registration process.  As a small business owner she wants to know what is driving her business, and what isn’t.  RV Park Reviews sent her more guests than any other service out there.  And when those guests went to check out her website from RV Park Reviews they landed on an attractive mobile ready website that was geared to whatever device they were viewing the site on.

Today parks get a lot of Internet traffic from RV Park Reviews.  It’s a great website, and it delivers potential guests right to your door.  But if the link to your website lands on a page that isn’t viewable, or isn’t easy to use, you might just be closing the door on those potential guests.

RV Park Website Design

RLC Design works with many types of clients.  But one of our favorite categories has to be RV Parks.  We full time with a 2004 Airstream, and we enjoy travel.  So it just makes sense that working with RV Parks for their website design needs fits perfectly for our own business model.

Turn customers away because you’re full, not because you’re web presence doesn’t draw them in!  If you’re looking to fill your park as often as you can, why not get in touch with RLC Design today to see what we can do to help you have your busiest year ever?

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