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The Disconnect

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I’ve often said that a poorly designed website is something akin to putting up an amazing billboard somewhere with no traffic driving by.  You know, like Antartica.  Sure, they’ve got penguins there, but beyond that I doubt you’ll be reaching your intended audience.

A properly designed website, complete with realistic SEO should help your potential clients find you.  Given the millions upon millions of sites out there, you’re not going to find yourself #1 on a Google search for everything.  But if your web developer is worth their salt, they’ll get you found for those things that you’re known for.

With the number of bad websites out there, and failed attempts to market over the Internet, I understand why many business owners are shy of investing into a good site.  Often times small businesses will look for the cheapest web developer possible.  And you know the results.  If you are choosing between “done cheap,” or “done well,” many people opt for the “done cheap” model.  And they set themselves up for net failure.

There’s the disconnect.  “Websites won’t work for my business….I’ve already tried it.”  Gee, does that mean you don’t shop at Amazon, Google for irrelevant facts online, and you think Netflix is going the wrong way and we’ll see Blockbusters re-open across the country?  You are correct, your dated site that isn’t even mobile ready does nothing for you, but you know the reason.  The “done cheap” method was employed.

We all know technology, and the net in particular, isn’t going away.  It’s becoming more important with each passing year.  And with 2 decades of network advancement, why is your website still sporting animated GIFs and hoaky 8 bit music in the background.

Many businesses still advertise in print.  And even in local publications a few times a year, the bill will be in the thousands to reach only a local market.  While small business websites languish, the larger players out there have learned to leverage today’s technology.  RLC Design Services can help you leverage that tech.  And we can help you get found on the Internet, and more importantly reach a larger audience then you ever thought possible!


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