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Websites are interesting things, some glossy, some glitzy, and some pretty dull.  The Internet has become a global yellow pages, and just listing in it isn’t enough.  The most important thing that a site has to do is help you get found online, and if it doesn’t do that you’re out of luck.

Honestly it’s quite a challenge……..

A properly planned and executed website can help you get found online.  But it takes some work and knowledge.  Just slapping up a quick single page about your business will most likely bring you no rewards.  And it might also usher in the belief that a web presence for your business is of no use.  Unfortunately that’s not true, but if you do it wrong it will certainly feel true.

I don’t know why people aren’t finding us

Recently I met with a business owner that I’m hoping to help down the road.  Right now they’re on hold, and they’re considering our offer for web help.  But they have a lot of other projects going on right now to improve their business.

The owner, an RV Park owner to be exact, has poured a lot into their park.  Great amenities, reasonable prices, and they’re located next to an amazing National Forest & National Monument.  A destination location to be sure, but a little off the beaten path.  And the park owner is currently working on many more improvements which we talked about.  Every one of their ideas is a selling point to me.

But as we talked, I asked a simple question.  Why aren’t you full this weekend?  The park is only about 25% full……  And the response?

I don’t know why people aren’t finding us.

RLC Design Services Can Answer That

After spending days at the park, and days exploring the National Forest for our online publication “Living In Tin,” I actually see why the park isn’t getting found.  The park actually NEEDS a better online presence.  Running typical google searches you won’t find the park.  You need to already know its name, and already know where it’s located.  Right now the owners are having trouble grasping that they need to get found online.

Recently the park has been making improvements.  New signage on the road (that has very little traffic), improving sites, adding services, and the owners are considering the addition of a club house.  All these things are great, but doing them alone isn’t going to get you found.

If you build it, they will come…….well, how do they find out that you built it?  You’ve got to get your story out there.

All of the recent improvements are great, but not a single one helps the park get found online.  Not a single one.  And from the main highway, there’s no blue camping sign pointing your way.  Nothing.  So how does anyone know you’re there?

A simple mobile friendly SEO ready site would help this park a lot.  And with luck the owners will realize that they need to get the word out.  And RLC Design Services will be ready to help them do just that!


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