attract more flight students

Tips to attract more flight students

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We all know that flight training is expensive… And potential flight students are always looking for the best deal out there. But the same potential customers often fail to understand what the best deal is. I’m sure your company offers the best deal, right? How should you convey this information to your potential customers? The answer is simple: by educating them. Check out these tips to attract more flight students and generate more leads for your flight school.

1. Tell them how flight training works

Your potential customers may not be as educated as you think. And I don’t mean they are not smart… What I mean is that they are still learning the complex world of aviation training. Does your website explain the paths available to flight students? Highlighting all the options, with links to your pricing page?
Tell your customers exactly what options they have. Are you offering an airline pilot path? What about customers who only want to fly recreationally? Explain the process from day 1, which license they will receive, and how long it will take, how much it will cost.
Do you have a part 141 certificate? Explain the difference between Part 61 and Part 141 and why it’s important to consider both options, especially if they have prior training experience.

2. Tell them what makes you stand out

Each flight school has a (or several) selling factor(s) that makes them stand out. New fleet, training location, experienced staff, awards, degree-program, pass rate, etc. Help students decide by setting expectations that you can meet.

attract more flight students

3. Explain how your pricing works

Potential flight students will shop around. If you want to attract (and retain!) more flight students, be up-front about your cost. Are they paying per hour? Does it include fuel? How many hours are they getting in a package? In which type of aircraft/simulator? The cost alone of flight training will not sell. Potential students want to know they are getting the best bang for their buck!
If you offer training based on FAA minimums, tell your students about overage. Share your average completion times too. And be transparent. Students who do not know about overage will likely stop flight training when they receive their first overflight bill, giving you a bad review for “lying”. Not to mention shattering their aviation dreams…

4. Show them what the life of a student looks like

Showing students what they will experience is a great way to motivate them. If they see that your school is active, see that current students are having fun, receiving pilot licenses, they will want to be a part of it. Use social media to do this. Do you post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter regularly? Do you send newsletters via email? Have you created an easily recognizable brand? Do your students contribute to your social media pages? We can help you with all of the above! Don’t waste another day and contact us.

5. Use the help of professionals

RLC Design understands aviation marketing. We know how to increase traffic to your website without using snake oil. And this translates into more student leads for your sales team, more flight students calling your program. Contact us today, get a free consultation and see how we can help keep your sales team busy!

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