When searching for RV Parks, do their websites matter?

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We’ve traveled the country in a 25 ft Airstream since 2006.  And through our travels the way we search for RV parks has also changed.  First hitting the road in 06′ there was a Passport America book in my truck, and Don Wright’s series on Free Campgrounds.  But today my RV Park searches are a lot different.  The books are gone, and in my case 90% of the time I’m using my iPhone to search for an RV park.

But that’s me.

I wanted to find out how other RV’ers are finding parks these days, so I created a simple survey over at my personal travel blog to find out how other people are finding parks.  The survey is still ongoing, but right now the results are pretty interesting.  Keep in mind, many of the readers at my travel site are also RV’ers, so the results are meaningful.  And one result says a lot to me, and should say a lot to park owners looking to drum up more business.

When you’re searching for your next park to visit, is the RV Park’s website important to you?

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 12.02.58 PM

Less than 10% of respondents felt the RV Park’s website was unimportant.  That means over 90% felt the website had a level of value when guests conducted their RV Park Search.  Additionally, over 75% of respondents want the park’s website to be mobile.

Things are changing.  RLC Design services can help make the changes easier on your business.  Contact us today.


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