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When your web designer isn’t your web designer

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Custom photography included with our website re-designs

Custom photography included with our website re-designs

A few days ago a fellow full time RV’er stopped by to talk to me about his website.  I was just wrapping up another project for M RV Resort in Moore Haven, FL, and I had some time to chat with him.  He’d talked to me months ago about updating his website as it isn’t mobile, but he decided that we were a little out of his price range.

Since we had initially talked he found a designer who was in his price range.  $1,600 for a site redesign.  The site would be mobile, and e-commerce ready, as he sells specialty products from his current site.

We actually do offer a $1,500 package for clients as well.  Site structure setup, security, and training on filling in your own content.  So honestly we weren’t really out of his price range, more likely than not he was hoping for a better deal as a fellow full timer.  We get that a lot, but there are no “deals,” just the services we offer.

Finding out the hard way

So, hiring on a local designer in the area my neighbor soon discovered that things weren’t exactly as they seemed.  As they started into just the front page re-design things were moving super slow.  Images were passed along, content was passed along, and things were not getting done.  And then he found out why.

The designer he had hired wasn’t really doing the design.  He had subbed out the work to one of his many web designers that he had hired on.  In this case, a fellow in India was doing the front page re-design.  The website design was being parceled out between several folks on staff for the designer.  Basically he was just the middle man with folks working for him that did the actual design.  And the client didn’t have direct access to speak with the people actually doing the work.

As you can imagine, this didn’t go over well with my neighbor.  A few weeks into the re-design the front page still wasn’t the way he wanted it.  They hadn’t even gotten into his product pages yet, or the e-commerce side of things.  So he requested a refund, and got a partial one.

A costly lesson to be sure, and not just financially.  Time was wasted as well, the customer’s time.

Work directly with your web designer

RLC Design doesn’t operate like the designer described above.  We haven’t hired out folks in India at a low rate to do your website.  When we work on your site it’s our staff that does the work.  And guess what?  You get to meet us.  And by the time we’re done with your project you’ll most likely be sick of us.  See, we have lots of questions, we learn about your business, and we work directly with you when developing your site.  There are no third parties involved.

I couldn’t imagine doing a website for a business I didn’t get to know.  A few images and some text does not make a website.  Images and text are components for sure, but there’s more to it.  SEO, testing on multiple platforms, telling a story to your visitors about your business, and making sure that you’re happy with the direction your site is going.  There’s no middle man passing along content to outside designers.  When you work with us, you work directly with your designers.

Ready to create an effective website that will reach your customers?  Contact us today!


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