The M Resort for the Themeco Summit

Wrap up on the ThemeCo Summit

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Themeco Summit

The M Resort

After attending the Themeco Summit at the M Resort in Nevada I meant to post an update.  But the moment we returned to Prescott I found myself with a lot to do.  Finishing out a site for a client in Florida, reviewing a custom database build for a potential client, 2 different photo shoots…… You get the idea.  Hit the ground running.

Finally I have a few moments today to think back on the summit.  Before reading further, I’ll give you a bottom line.  It was worth attending for sure!

Growing with ThemeCo

Over the past year we’ve been working with the X Theme from Themeco.  It works so well for our clients’ needs that we’ve been exclusively using their theme for all new client installations.  It’s flexible enough to create almost anything our clients want.  And where we need to do customizations, we do.  But the X Theme covers so much, that normally we don’t need to go nuts with customizing!

As we progress in building our client list, we’re going to continue using the X Theme.  And after several days of almost too much information I find myself looking forward to what’s next from Themeco and X.  And if you’re wondering what’s next….keep wondering.  No spoilers here folks!

Growing RLC Design

Since 2013 we’ve been working on growing RLC Design Services.  We’ve got a lot to offer to our clients, especially those who are in the travel industry.  RV parks, Resorts, B&B’s.  We’re very clear on how to help location based businesses become “destination” locations.  It’s just one of our specialties.  Another specialty of course has to be the Arts.  Cartoonist websites, Art Gallery sites, and more.  Both travel and the arts are near and dear to us, and we excel at helping businesses rebrand themselves online.

Looking to the future I have more ideas than I have time.  And the Themeco summit added to the list of ideas.  For instance, here’s one takeaway that I’ll be personally working on for 2016.  Managed services for new and existing clients is going to take a strong priority now.  As we’ve grown we’ve learned a lot about our client base.  While we train our clients on how to use their online presence, many just don’t have the time to dedicate an employee to working on it.  So while we love training clients on how to use their websites, we’re going to be offering value added services for those that need someone to do their regular maintenance and updates.  Site updates, SEO, new articles….. you name it.

Themeco Summit, M Resort

The M Resort is massive. An interesting change in my mode of travel. Where’s the Airstream???

Everything I heard at the conference really meshed with where we’d like RLC Design to go.  And over the next few weeks we’ll be updating here on what’s in store for 2016.  For current clients, we’ll be offering more.  And for new clients, we’ll continue to provide a service which will truly help you get found in the sea of competitors you’re up against!  Exciting things are in front of us!  And I’m glad to be working with a vendor like Themeco!  Thanks for helping us grow our businesses guys!



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