The Themeco Summit

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Today I’m at the M Resort outside of Las Vegas, NV.  Several months ago I was invited to this event by ThemeCo, the creators of the X Theme.  The Themeco Summit!

_MG_1242edtWhen I first stumbled across the X Theme I was blown away.  Since the first website I ever developed (a simple site for the Economics Department at UNH when the Mosaic Browser first came out) I’ve always wanted to find a more elegant way to build websites.  While web development wasn’t my business during the 90’s or the 2000’s (I was building wireless networks for AT&T, Sprint, & US Cellular), I always kept abreast of the latest tools.  In 2005 I began working with WordPress for my own website.

For more years than I can count, my favorite building block on WordPress had to be “Very Plain Text.”  It was a simple theme that I used for The Airstream Chronicles for years and years.  And it was all I needed for a simple travel / personal blog.  Tweaking it and customizing it was simple enough for me, but I always wanted more.

_MG_1188edtOn the side, I toyed with my own theme development.  I also toyed with the power of WordPress as a Content Management System, which is what it really is.  While WordPress seems to be synonymous with “blogging,” it’s always been so much more powerful than “just a blog.”

In 2014 I found ThemeCo’s X theme and I knew I wanted to work with it.  The next step in WordPress development in my mind.  And the customization is so straightforward, I felt it was something I could help train clients to use as well!  I’ve always wanted to help our clients feel more empowered when it comes to their online presence, and the X Theme has delivered nicely!

So today I’m sitting and waiting to register for this multi-day conference.  I’m looking forward to hearing what’s coming up, and sharing it with our current and future clients.

Keep a watch on my Instagram and Twitter feeds, I’ll keep you up with what comes out of the event!


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