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From May through August we’ve been working with a family of 55+ Adult Community websites.  RV Sites, Park Model Sites, and Manufactured home communities in both Arizona and Florida.  And we’re not surprised by the rapid results each location is having.  Open spaces are filling, Park models are being sold, and former guests are signing up once more.

The new websites for our client, McGavin Holdings, are not only working, they’re working well.

Retirees are tech savvy

Let’s see now, when did I first work on a computer?  Oh yeah, during the 1980’s.  My first desktop was a TI-99A.  Good old Texas Instruments.  Then I started taking classes in school on Apple’s desktop computers.  So lets say 1985 computers were popping up, and computing was “out there.”  Here we are in 2015……that’s 30 years later.  What does this all have to do with anything?

30 years ago someone who is now 65 was 35 at the time.  They weren’t stodgy folks who were disinterested in the latest advancements in technology.  They were young people who were definitely active in the work force.  These people grew through the tech revolution of the 90’s, and weren’t wearing blinders.

So why do so many destinations for retirees behave like their client base isn’t tech savvy?  Why are parks and resort community websites stuck back in the 1990’s?  Let’s face it, a lot of the sites we see every day in the travel industry aren’t good.  They’re hard to navigate, it’s hard to find information you’re looking for, and the parks that are associated with them don’t think updating their sites will help their bottom line.

Boy are those guys wrong!

Visible Results

Sundance 1 RV ResortThe folks with McGavin Holdings are already seeing their results.  This morning a park manager sent along an e-mail with a simple statement in it….

Actually, you made my season!  Sally, Queen Valley RV Resort Manager

The day after we completed Queen Valley RV Resort’s website Sally gave us a call.  She wanted to let us know that a former guest who hadn’t stayed at the Resort in a few years got in touch the morning we left to make a $2,000 reservation for the 2015-2016 winter season.  The former guest was making plans for the upcoming winter season, thought of Queen Valley, went to the new website and remembered what a great place the park was.  And they told Sally the updated site sealed the deal.  Her words, not ours.

One of our most recent sites for McGavin Holdings, M RV Resort, has been getting a lot of response from guests as well.  Phone calls, comments on the website, and e-mails have been coming into the Resort since we completed the site.  Former guests, residents, and folks who are coming for the 2015-2016 winter season have all been getting in touch and complimenting the new website.

Horses on a dam

Riding the high country in Colorado. A destination Dude Ranch with a great website to boot!

Delivering results

All of this isn’t about tooting our own horn here at RLC Design.  It’s simply to share with potential clients the success our customers see.  We don’t build you an online business card.  We build you an interactive site that caters to your customer base.  We understand RV Travel, we understand 55+ Adult Community Websites, and we help ensure that your business receives a constant flow of potential new customers through the web.

Retirees use tech.  And that’s how you need to reach them now.  Does your internet presence really sell your business, or does it make potential customers move on to the next site?  If you haven’t updated in the last few years we already know the answer here….they move on.


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