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Happy clients, happy business

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Since we started RLC Design Services we’ve had a simple goal.  Make the customer happy.  Oh, and a second goal as well.  Make our customers’ customers happy.  Is that last sentence grammatically correct?

We build custom websites here at RLC Design.  We build them for our clients in order to make their web presence better for their potential clients.  The people we build the sites for aren’t sitting around all day on their own website waxing poetic about how cool their websites are.  Their potential customers are the ones looking at the site.

So, we have the job of making our direct clients happy, and then we have the job of creating an online experience that resonates with the people they’re trying to reach.  And with each client site we’re happy to say the work we’ve done is doing the job.

Just the other day one of our client’s had this to say on Facebook (they even shared a recent article we wrote).

If you know anyone wanting to promote their business online RLC just updated all our parks websites and did an awesome job. They are not limited in the types of businesses they work with. I highly recommend them. They are so helpful and let you make changes and teach you to use your website or if you prefer they will take care of it – your choice.

Normally we see Facebook posts and Twitter tweets out there when someone has provided bad service.  Getting promoted by your own clients online must mean you’re doing something more than right.  They’re putting their own reputation out there when they recommend you as well!

With that said, we’ve had plenty of shares and tweets from our client pool.  And we really appreciate it.  Every business we work with is a business that we’d patronize ourselves as well!

So thanks to all of our happy clients for helping to grow RLC Design!  We really appreciate you!

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