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Given the fact that we’re an extremely portable business we can work with clients all over the country.  And that’s exactly what we did this summer.  From Cortez Colorado to Sutton Massachusetts, and finally on to Dahlonega Georgia!  Talk about some mileage!

The Manchaug Pond Foundation

June and July were spent working with The Manchaug Pond Foundation.  They were once a small non-profit group dedicated to protecting and preserving Manchaug Pond.  But they’re not small any longer!

In 2013 The Manchaug Pond Foundation purchased a large tract of land in order to preserve the water quality and view shed of the lake.  A 1.9 million dollar donation helped them to purchase the Beaton Farm Property, and ever since that moment the foundation has been growing and looking to additional projects.  With a grant provided to help improve water quality and raise water quality awareness they’re fast becoming an organization to watch.  Other watershed protection groups contact them regularly to learn from their experience.

What they were missing though was a consistent and coherent web presence.  A blog over on Blogspot, an incomplete website, and a lack of network coordination with the major Social Media outlets left their information scattered all over the web.  That’s where we came in!

A sun turtle on Manchaug Pond

A sun turtle on Manchaug Pond

The new site, driven by a theme for small non-profit fundraising groups, has altered their web presentation.  Regular updates are now on their Blog section, and those updates look exactly like the rest of their site.  They now have the ability to fundraise directly over the net through their site.  Donors can now donate to specific projects.  And they have the technology in place to put an online store onto their site to re-sell apparel that helps fund their operations.

In addition to their total website makeover, we left the foundation with several hundred print ready images for their use, and with hundreds of web ready images as well.  They’re licensed to use the images for the next 7 years.  That’s part of what we do when we come in to a new client’s location.  Images do sell, and poor quality images detract from a site’s appearance and message.  What we’ve left them with are high quality professional images that will keep readers delighted for years to come!

The Hiker Hostel

Near the start of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia you’ll find The Hiker Hostel.  This business was the idea of Josh & Leigh Saint, and it’s an amazing place.  Each year they help thousands of would be “Thru-Hikers” start their journey on the Appalachian Trail.  But their business goes beyond the world of AT Hikers, and their website wasn’t equipped to help them represent the full scale of their services.

In August we spent almost two weeks at the Hiker Hostel.  We watched their day to day operations, photographed the business and surrounding areas, and repackaged their website to help them reach guests from all backgrounds.

Exactly how you feel when you stay at Hiker Hostel

Exactly how you feel when you stay at Hiker Hostel

With Atlanta a short drive to the south, the Hiker Hostel is open to all types of guest needs.  Cyclists who want to ride through the Georgia Mountains, outdoor training seminars, and just folks who want a B&B atmosphere in a stunning location.  And with the site redesign, updated galleries, and new plan to blog regularly, Hiker Hostel will be able to grow a wider client base!

Since our visit to their business they’ve seen a marked uptick in website traffic, and they’re already reaching new potential clients.  We’re happy to have been part of their next step in business!


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