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The 4th of July weekend has come and gone.  And we’re still on location in New England wrapping up with our most recent clients.  The Manchaug Pond Foundation and Hilltop Wellness.

The Manchaug Pond Foundation

Over the course of the month of June we’ve been heavily engaged working with the Manchaug Pond Foundation.  They’re a small non-profit organization located in Massachusetts, near Worcester.  The pond itself is a beautiful 380 acre pond.  There are a fair number of homeowners on the pond, and many visitors staying at the 4 campgrounds in the area.  Additionally there are many day visitors who access the pond via the State Boat ramp.

The Foundation itself has done a good deal for the pond and all those who enjoy it.  They saved the Dam that regulates the pond’s water level several years ago.  Recently they preserved a large farm property and kept it from development.  They’re involved in water quality testing, ensuring the pond remains healthy, and educating users about the pond.

It was a large project for us.  A month of work on a site, photos for the website, and videos of the area and surrounding areas.

Hilltop Wellness

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While we were working on the Manchaug Pond Foundation’s new web presence we were contacted by Hilltop Wellness in Connecticut.  They also wanted a new look on the web, and fortunately we were able to wrap their project in while working with the Foundation.

Hilltop Wellness is a small personal fitness training service in the heart of Connecticut.  And the owner, Dorothy, has been involved in personal training for over 25 years.  She tailors her training solutions to each client based on their needs.  An extremely custom and personalized service…..just like the web work we do with each client.  Her business was a perfect fit with how we approach web clients.

Every client is unique.  And every client deserves personal attention.

What comes next

Soon we’ll be on the road again.  The next stop is Dahlonega Georgia.  We’ll be spending some time there helping out a really cool business….  Hiker Hostel.

Hiker Hostel is a small business located near the start of the Appalachian Trail.  Each year thousands of hikers set out to hike the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.  And the folks at Hiker Hostel are right at the start of the Trail, ready to help hikers achieve their goal.


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