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If you shopped for a car like you shop for a website

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Every week we talk to potential customers about their online presence.  Sometimes we contact the potential customers, and sometimes they get in touch with us.  Often there’s a very interesting pattern that shows up when folks contact us.  And it usually goes down the same path every time. With my most recent inquiry it struck me.  What if people shopped …

The value of one extra booking

RV Park Owners – The Value of One Extra Booking

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RLC Design knows RV Parks.  As full time RV’ers since 2006 we’ve spent a lot of time at parks across the country.  And we understand the value of one extra booking.  Sometimes I think we understand it better than park owners themselves! In the case of many parks we work with the “tourist season” isn’t year round.  While parks in …

Tell us your online sales success story

Online Sales Success In Two Weeks Time?

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There are no fast turn arounds on the Internet.  Gaining a following, reaching a new customer base…..these things take time……Instant online sales success isn’t something I believe in. Well, that is until yesterday. An online sales success story Weeks ago I wrote about a potential client that contacted RLC Design.  The story was titled SEO failure could lead to business …

Directory service fail

Directory Services Fail

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If you’re advertising your business through a directory service, you might want to fully read this article.  Your own website, properly built with SEO and a good user experience in mind, can far outpace any directory service listing.  It’s true, and we’re going to demonstrate that to you today. My website ranks higher than yours Over the years I’ve been …

A summer of Website Design

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Given the fact that we’re an extremely portable business we can work with clients all over the country.  And that’s exactly what we did this summer.  From Cortez Colorado to Sutton Massachusetts, and finally on to Dahlonega Georgia!  Talk about some mileage! The Manchaug Pond Foundation June and July were spent working with The Manchaug Pond Foundation.  They were once …

Can you really work from the road?

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There’s a growing community of RV’ers who now work from the road.  RLC Design Services is actually run from a 2004 Airstream.  So yes, it’s possible to effectively work at different locations and virtually. The fact that this is still a question on many RV’ers minds is something of a surprise to me.  See, I’ve been doing remote work since …

Advertising on Internet Travel Blogs

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There are websites out there that have the potential to bring you and your business more traffic.  And more traffic means more revenue.  That’s a positive, and if you find the right places to advertise you’ll see growth for your own business. More often than not though, many travel blogs are not going to bring you additional business.  Fact of …