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Rich Demo #1

A Bret Blevins original illustration. This is the final result of a video we shot with Bret walking viewers through creating a character on the fly.

We’ve just wrapped up “Phase 1” of working with Bret Blevins, comic book artist, story board designer, and fantasy art painter.  Bret has an amazing collection of work from the past few decades, and he’s continuing with new works today!

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to work with someone who helped shape some of the childhood heroes we’ve all had.  Batman, Spiderman, Superman, The Hulk, the X-Men….  Bret has put pen to paper for all of them.  And he has so many original pages, covers, paintings.

The one thing Bret has been missing is any type of web presence at all.  Sure, Wikipedia has a listing on him covering parts of his career.  Then there’s that Facebook page he has.  But he didn’t really have any venue to display the collection of his works.  And that’s where we came in.

Before we started working up Bret’s new site we sat down with him and discussed his objectives.  In the end he’ll have several sites for the different types of work he does.  Today we only needed one site, just to get things started and to get the buzz going about his upcoming projects.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.32.17 AM

A screen shot of Bret’s new site.

Once we determined Bret’s style we went to work.  And in a week’s time we’ve created a simple, elegant, “responsive” (works on all devices), and usable site.  Usability is becoming a big thing for our style of web design now, and you’ll hear more about it here in the coming weeks.

Feel free to stop by Bret’s site today and take a look around.  Drop him a note on his blog if you’d like, or contact him to see how his experience with RLC Design was.


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