Video Tours for RV Parks

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A short video tour of a park isn’t just a “gee whiz” gimmick.  Over the course of our travels we’ve showed our quick park tours to countless RV’ers who love the idea.  Getting a look at a park you’re going to visit beforehand is a great way to sell a potential guest.  During our stay in Havasu we showed many RV’ers the videos we were working on.  And the response?

“How about I send you our travel plans for next year, and you guys go shoot the parks before I come out?  :)”  Mike

“Every park should have one of these.”  Carol

“This is brilliant.  We’ll be watching your site.”  Robin

We’ve had many positive reactions to simple park tour videos.  And while we’re not doing aerial videos at the moment (it’s all still up in the air with the FAA) drive through park tours and walking tours give guests a great view into a park.

So, if you’re looking to provide your potential clients one more reason to stay with you, get in touch with us today!


Seeing the size of sites really gives guests an idea of whether or not a park can fit their rig. Driving through on video takes it a step further.

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