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I love the new website….My compliments….It looks fantastic and really shows what the M is all about!  A Happy Camper from M RV Resort

Happy Campers, Point of Rocks - RLC Design's Client Site

Happy Campers, Point of Rocks

RLC Design’s first goal is to make sure our clients are happy.  While we build websites for our clients, businesses and travel destinations across the U.S., we’re also building the site for our clients’ potential customers.  The website isn’t just for our customer, it’s for their customers as well.

Oftentimes when constructing a website with our customers folks loose site of what the website is all about.  Clients start getting bogged down in things like site color, fonts, font sizes, etc.  It’s at those moments that we really have to “sell” our clients on our vision for their website.  And our vision is simple.  We aim to create simple, easy to navigate, and easy to read websites that reach their potential customers and guests.  The experience for the website user, not the website owner, is paramount!

Love the Website, pics are great and it’s easy to navigate.  Another happy camper

With our recent launch of M RV Resort’s new website we got 3 new comments from regular guests at the park regarding the site.  They included more in their messages, but I immediately recognized one thing.  RLC Design accomplished our goals for the RV Resort.  All 3 comments included something about showing off what a great location it is, and how easy it is to navigate the website.  So our primary goal was accomplished.  Build the website for our clients’ customers.  In the end, that’s who they’re trying to reach!

Very nice newsletter.  Another happy camper

Staying in touch

For our RV Park Customers we re-title their blog to Newsletter.  Guests can subscribe to the latest posts (news items) and receive automatic updates via e-mail every time a new post is created by the park.  That keeps guests and future guests up to date with the latest happenings at their favorite park.  What’s amazing is how quickly people sign up to the newsletters.  In the case of each of the parks we’ve worked with people sign up as soon as they see the new site.  Now our clients can get feedback directly from guests and potential guests.

For our travel oriented clients it’s important to keep people up to date on the latest.  Park improvements, additions to your B&B, new activities, and new things to do when they visit you.  With a simple and elegant design, including regular blog posts, our clients are now able to reach their customers even easier.  Mission accomplished for all parties involved.

If you’re looking to keep your customers up to date with the latest from your business, give RLC Design a call today, or drop us an e-mail.

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