So you think hackers aren’t interested in your small site?

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If you have a small business website up on the Internet, do you think hackers just give you a pass?  Are they only interested in taking down the big boys like Amazon and Google.  Do you think they spend their days focusing on how to mess with Facebook?  If you think because you’re a “small business” on the Internet they bypass you completely, you are completely wrong!

Hackers want in

On each site installation we do for our clients we have security in mind from the start of our project.  Just throwing up a quick website to reach your customers isn’t enough these days.  There are so many exploits out there that can give hackers a way into your site, you just can’t imagine it.  Every day I get notices about my client sites that are currently under attack.  And every day the security measures we put in place for the websites we build help to keep our client sites from being taken over by people who do not have your business interests in mind.

Think I’m kidding or exaggerating?  Let’s take a look at the notifications I got on one site over the weekend…..

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 8.56.03 AM

In total in the last 48 hours there have been 25 attempts to log into this client site by people who are not my clients.  These attempts to gain control of their website could be performed by bots, machines infected with viruses, or by larger hacking groups.  You just don’t know right off the bat.  What I can tell you is this… phone alerts me of these inappropriate attempts to login every day.  There isn’t a day where nobody tries to illegally access our customer’s websites.

Security is key

So ask yourself this.  Is your website currently protected?  I mean really truly protected?  We’re not talking about GoDaddy’s auto install websites.  We’re not talking about having Norton Antivirus on your personal computer.  We’re actually talking about a security plan in place for your website that prevents attempts to maliciously use your site.  We’re talking about a plan that includes backups and recovery options.  And we’re talking about a plan to let you know when your small business website is under attack.

While RLC Design is not in the business of creating global security solutions, we are in the business of helping small businesses reach their Internet market base.  We design beautiful and easy to use websites.  But in the background, we also provide our clients with the tools to make sure they don’t fall victim to cyber criminals, and we train our clients on how to use those tools.  If your current web designer, or your current web strategy doesn’t include some level of security it’s only a matter of time before you find out about it the hard way.

As a former Telecommunications Engineer, Regional Operations Manager, and National Director of Operations with a national wireless carrier, security and backup plans have always been important to me.  And it amazes me how many people pop up “virtual store fronts” on the Internet without any consideration to security whatsoever.  When RLC Design builds a website, we always have your site’s security on our minds as well as functional website design!


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