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RLC Design builds websites on the WordPress platform.  Actually, we’ve been working with WordPress since 2005.  And with every new update and change, WordPress remains one of the best content management platforms we’ve ever seen.

With the changes in how WordPress works over the past decade we’ve seen more and more sites being built on WordPress.  Large corporations now use what used to be thought of as only a blogging platform for their websites.  It’s made managing your own website more accessible even to non-technical users.  Bottom line….Wordpress has changed the way people build websites.

Training is part of our business

RLC Design not only designs and deploys new websites across the country, we also train our clients on how to use their site once we’ve finished the job.  So often we’ve heard from our clients that their past web designer wouldn’t give them passwords to their servers, wouldn’t allow them to update their own pages, and would drag their feet on requested updates.

Our goal when we train our clients on how to manage their websites is simple.  We look to take the mystery out of running your website.  When we’re finished training clients we also provide them with a video series as a refresher for working on their sites.  Bottom line, when we’re done working on your site you’re allowed to move forward on your own.

We still offer maintenance

While we enjoy teaching our customers about their websites, we still do offer monthly and yearly maintenance.  Sometimes clients don’t have the time to look at their site regularly.  And that’s a mistake.  Keeping up with updates is key to ensuring you have a stable and secure site.  Just this morning I performed updates on my own sites as WordPress just released a new update.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.10.11 AMAs you can see, the latest update addressed 4 bugs and “some” security issues.  Whenever an update comes out for a plugin or WordPress itself, you really should get it done.  And if you don’t have time to complete an update?  Well, that’s where RLC Design can step in with one of our offered maintenance packages.

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