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Every Client Counts

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Today’s post title is pretty generic.  “Every Client Counts.”  But it is true.  Each customer that does business with us is important.  And every customer that does business with you is important as well.  From the small accounts to the large accounts, if your customers feel more like a number and someone through the turnstile than an important part of your business….well, you might just lose them over time.

With every website we build for small businesses, travel destinations, and RV Parks, we not only consider what it is that you as our client want, we also consider what your customers want as well.  So often web site designers create confusing visual monstrosities in order to make a cool design.  Business owners ask website developers to create designs based on their own personal preferences instead of what’s best for their customers.  And the idea that every client counts goes right out the window before the website is ready for public viewing.

A new website isn’t about you, it’s about your customers

Yes, your website should tell your business story.  Yes, your website should inform customers about your products and services.  Beyond that?  The website isn’t about you.  It’s about the viewer’s experience.  The site design needs to be geared toward the market you’re in.  It needs to set you apart from the 12 dozen other businesses just like you.  It needs to be easy to use, and easy for potential customers to find what they’re looking for.

Let’s take an example.  The RV Park Industry is one that we’re extremely familiar with.  As RV Travelers, when we are looking for our next place to stop in our travels we have some very simple questions about parks that we’re looking at:

  • Where are you located?
  • What are your rates?
  • What amenities do you have at your park?
  • How can I make a reservation?
  • What does the park look like?
RLC Design knows RV Park Website Design

A typical RV Park’s pages viewed. Notice a pattern?

Does that sound like a super complicated website?  Honestly, it’s the “Who, What, Where,” thing.  And it’s true.  A site can be very simple, and very effective.  And keeping it simple and effective is actually harder than you think.  Everybody wants so many bells and whistles, but does that add to your customer’s experience.  Remember, every client counts!

Now, the list above may sound like a list of things that I’m looking for as a traveler.  And maybe there are other questions people want answered and I’m totally off base.  But if you look at the graphic to the right you’re going to see that I’m not talking out of my hat.

Point of Rocks RV Park’s website is one of our simpler site designs.  But a lot went into keeping it simple, and knowing what would help the park’s guests.  Their stats speak volumes.

  • The Home Page is the most visited.  It answers who you are, and where you’re located.
  • The second most popular page visited is Rates.  People want to know what it costs to stay with you.
  • The third most popular?  Amenities.  Folks found out what you cost above, now they want to know what you offer.
  • Next comes the campground map.  Guests want to see where the sites are located.
  • Finally, we come to directions for #5.  How do I get to you?  Sure, the first question of where are you located gets answered on page one, but the site visitors who want to come stay with you are going to get directions!

It should be noted, when I put my first list up I hadn’t gotten a screen capture of the statistics.  I listed the questions that occur to me every time I’m looking for a new park to stay in when we’re traveling.  A properly built site for an RV park needs to answer all of the questions, and it has to be an easy process to answer each question.

The same can be said of any other small business.  They’re searching for a solution.  Whether your a custom frame shop, a gallery, or a restaurant in a place they’re visiting, their questions are similar.  Your website design should be geared toward answering those questions in an easy to follow format.  If you do that, you really are recognizing that every client counts, not just the ones who can figure out your strange and incomprehensible site design.

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