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Websites that sell your business

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The purpose of any marketing for businesses is pretty simple.  You want to increase sales.  That means reaching new clients, encouraging old clients to use your service, and making sure that people not only find you, but decide to do business with you.  In the case of your own business website, is it one of those rare websites that sell your business?

With the hundreds of millions of websites out there it’s hard to get “found.”  It’s even harder to get people to stay on your website long enough to find out about your business and who you are.  Attention spans are short these days.  So your marketing, be it online or offline, needs to catch people and captivate them.  And if you’re not sure that your website is actually helping your bottom line?  You might want to re-examine your online marketing.

Websites that sell

RLC Design understands that reaching your target audience is the end goal for your business website.  You need to get found, you need to keep your viewer’s attention, and you need to encourage them along in order to find what they’re looking for.  Our process covers all of the bases for small businesses.

  • Simple to use website design for your customers.
  • Elegant website design.  Clean layouts, clear information.
  • Search Engine Optimization to reach your target audience.
  • Clear services information.
  • Easy to use contact options.
  • Custom photography that represents you, no stock photography here.
  • Graphics that hold visitors’ attention.
  • Training for you and your staff.
  • Websites that sell.

Website design success stories

Every one of our clients is a success story.  North-Aire Aviation has had more student inquiries on their website in the past year then they ever had for years on their old website.  La Mesa RV Park has been turning away overnight guests during their peak 2014 and 2015 seasons due to being full.  Point of Rocks RV Park has had an amazing 2015 season after our re-design of their site January of 2015.  Vacant Lots and Land of Florida sold a property through their website 3 weeks after they launched, with the website immediately paid for and a tidy profit to boot!  The list goes on.  But let’s talk about 2 specific examples.

Bret Blevins – Cartoonist

Bret Blevins Webiste by Prescott Website Designer RLC DesignRLC Design initially re-vamped Bret’s website May of 2014.  Unfortunately due to distractions and projects that cropped up, Bret had little time to update the site.  So in 2015 Bret wanted a few updates to liven the place up.  We included a new E-Commerce solution for Bret to sell a few published sketch books, and to take orders for custom commission pieces.  Within 15 minutes of launching the new E-Commerce solution TWO different orders came in.  One for a pencil commission, and one for an ink commission.  Given the rapid response, I sent out e-mails to both of Bret’s customers for some input on the site, and here’s what Jason had to say.

Thank YOU for all of your hard work on the site. I’ve wanted a commission from Bret for years now but I could never find a way to get in touch with him, and I’ve never seen him appear at any conventions in my area.  The site really looks great… the layout and design is unique. I’m not sure what else could be added to it.

Since those first sales on day one, Bret has been receiving regular commission requests each week.  It’s safe to say, Bret’s website is selling his business.

Queen Valley RV Resort

RV Resort Website Design sampleQueen Valley is part of the McGavin Holdings company.  In total they own 7 RV parks / RV Resorts.  RLC Design devised a plan for 6 of their 7 locations (the last one has never had a web presence and is permanently full), trained their staff of running their own sites, and developed a SEO plan to get found in an ocean of RV Parks in Florida and Arizona.  A favorite resort that we worked with was Queen Valley.

After spending a week documenting, photographing, and site building we left Queen Valley to return to our home base for a few weeks.  Several hours after pulling out of the resort we got a phone call from Sally, the resort manager at Queen Valley.  I figured she was calling with a question, as she’d already started updating the resort’s events calendar.  Instead, she was calling to tell us that she received a call from a new guest who wanted to reserve a Park Model rental for two months.  The new guest told her the website sold them on staying at the resort.  So the day we completed the site and labeled it live it began selling for the resort.

We know small business website design

RLC Design can help you get found on the Internet.  There’s job one.  Beyond getting you found?  We’re here to help you through the process of making a website that keeps visitors longer, and helps them through the process to learn about you, and do business with you.  Get in touch today, start selling tomorrow.

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