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RV Park Website Designs that get found

Our RV Park Website Clients get found

RV’ers are highly mobile people.  And they’re now carrying the latest technology with them to help their travels go smoothly.  It used to be they’d carry a few directories around with them, but these days they’ve got an Android, iPhone, or iPad with them, and that’s how they’re searching for you.

Sure, you’ve got an Internet presence.  But sadly your website doesn’t work on the latest technology.  Be honest with yourself, would you spend your time trying to read a website with tiny text on your smart phone?  Further, be honest again, you know how you search for businesses and services now.  You’re using your smart phone or tablet too.

We’ve often heard from park owners or managers that they don’t believe their clients are using the web to find them.  Normally we hear the following…..

Our clients are older.  They’re not using technology to find us.  Most of our customers are retired, and in their 60’s.

The technology revolution struck in the mid-80’s.  The web came into all of our lives in the mid-90’s.  And we’ve been racing ahead since.  In the 80’s a 65 year old person was 35 years old.  And in the 90’s the same 65 year old person was 45.  Are you really telling me these people buried their head in the sand collectively?  Funny, I worked with many people in the 1990’s who were in their 40’s, and they were part of the tech revolution.  So let’s just stop with the belief that older clients are technologically inept.  Stop insulting your customer base.

Get your RV Park Website Found!

Sure, you built a website a decade ago.  And maybe you thought you overpaid for it, and it doesn’t do anything for you.  You’re right.  It didn’t do anything for you.  You didn’t do any work to get your RV Park Webiste found.  You’ve got rate sheets up from 5 years ago.  Your copyright notice is 10 years old.  And you didn’t do anything to optimize your website for search engines.  That’s why you’re on Google Page 6 when someone searches for RV parks in your area.

Fortunately, RLC Design Service can help you get your RV Park Website found!

Beyond knowing the RV Travel industry incredibly well (we’ve traveled the country in our RV), we also know network design, website design, mobile website design, and how to get our clients found.  We can help you get on the front page of search results, and make that useless website you currently have finally earn it’s keep and get you new customers.

Stop making excuses.  If you use the Internet to search for goods and services you need to understand, your clients do too.  Get in touch with us today!

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